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+1I think Lazenby's suits were tailored by Connery's tailor, Anthony Sinclair, hence they were top notch. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Exactly right. Vintage watches should never be exposed to water. Most experts (watchmakers) would concur with that, I think.
^ +1 @aravenel. Couldn't have said it better myself.
The script leaked was an early draft, apparently, much different to the finished product. Craig's TF clothing, from QoS onwards (including that film), have been universally bad. Ill-fitting ugliness.
Connery and Brosnan (as well as Craig in CR) were outfitted, for the most part (barring the odd exception) well and appropriately. Moore was best dressed as Bond in his early films. Lazenby was also well suited in his one go as the character.
^ +1 Both films were good, and the CR suits were much better, but Skyfall was the better film overall IMO, I agree.
The crappy Tom Ford suits don't ruin the rest of the movie. Skyfall was excellent, but boy the suits were pretty awful. They don't look any better in this new film, unfortunately.
Thought I'd join in with the well wishes:
^ As always, EliodA, superb!
^ This is SF, so of course we do.
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