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Oh yes! This watch isn't going anywhere!! It's become grafted to my wrist since I got it
I'm sure Brendon will chime in here himself, but here's a post he made here on StyleForum in 2012 talking about his experience. I've quoted him exactly: "Experience is 10 plus years with Made to Measure and 18 years part and full time training as a Bespoke tailor and Cutter under an ex Savile Row Tailor.( part of those 18 years during made to measure time). Unfortunately to roughly quote someone from Gieves and Hawkes in London, " after 35 years of bespoke I am still...
Sorry, you still look like you stepped out of an episode of Downton Abbey. Today as much as yesterday. That's not a criticism; it's a compliment. Not very many people today could pull that look off, but you do and do it very well indeed. I consider you one of the very best dressed on Style Forum. My hat's off to you.
^ +1
Very high quality, especially for the price, @New Shoes1. Ceramic bezel, too. Keeps excellent time. For those who love the Rolex aesthetic but don't want to (or can't) pay Rolex prices, you can't go wrong with this, or any other, Steinhart.
+1 Ich_Dien
^ Speaking of Steinhart, here's mine:
Thanks Dino. Of course, I may never spend big on anything else again after this (good thing the wife got a Rolex before I did, though, or I may be heading for the divorce courts lol))...but I think this watch was worth it.
Thanks Dachs I was just setting the time, and hadn't screwed the crown back in when I took the photo.Thanks Frilly! If I had to pick a one-watch...I think this could be it.Thanks Dino. I've been tooing and froing between this Sub and the Explorer. Eventually the Sub spoke to me most. It was a bit too extravagant a purchase for me, but I thought "Life is too short, just go for it." So I did Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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