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My Henry Baxter Classic chelsea boots from Baxter Boots (old photo):
I don't know about sartorial heaven, but there are plenty of good bespoke and MTM options in Sydney to suit a variety of budgets, not just those mentioned above. We all know the usual suspects.
Trust me, Coxie, I'm a librarian
[[SPOILER]] Congrats on the milestone, Coxie
There should be no confusion. Just use your common sense (and my above post as a rough guide) and all will be well. And yes, feel free to x-post your watches here in the TWAT thread if you so desire.
Superb, Moo!
No, the other thread is for ALL watches, rich or poor. This thread is just for poor watches, which we've previously loosely described as anything under $1,000. So, no Rolexes et al here.
^ Lovely shoes, mate. Lovely.
My latest kop (x-post from the TWAT thread):
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