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+1 38mm is my sweet spot for a dress watch (my Aqua Terra is 38.5mm and perfect on my wrist).
Was bound to happen when the company passed completely into foreign hands. A shame... Good to see you back here, @grimslade.
GF's right, a lot of what they sold was out of date as I recall. Nothing I bought though...
I used to work right next door (at Haymarket Library) to that deli back in the 90s. I remember raiding their German Christmas goodies for my family there every year I was working close by.
Great post, Dino. I couldn't agree more.
I disagree with much of what you say, Coxy (and some of what Foo says, too btw, while also agreeing with some of what he says as well), but I do agree with what I've quoted you as saying above. On that score, I'm like you...I never buy with an eye to resale value. I buy what I like at that particular moment in time, whether it's automatic or quartz. If it excites me, and I'm able to get it (ie. afford it), I do. Simple as that. And, like you, I like Omegas (or at least...
At a recent function, where I met my old manager and mentor: Charles Tyrwhitt shirt, Trenery sport coat, Tailor Store chinos (Shanghai Tianzi monk soes unseen).
I've found 36-42mm being suitable for me, with 38-40 being my sweet spot.
^ +1
Feel free to talk about these in the TWAT thread. Nomos is generally well thought of there.
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