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Superb look again, mate. Love the chair, too. I have one myself in my library.
Yep. The AK wording is gone and the OP is now 34mm (with that 'Explorer' look shown above). The 36mm OPs now look different.
You can see here he's wearing his beloved 1016 Explorer.Details on Fleming's Explorer here:http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=120138
Mine too
Very envious, congrats on such a great purchase.
While the title of this forum thread cannot be taken literally, it had been previously established that the cut off point for PMW would be around the $1000 mark, give or take. Omega, IWC et al therefore are best discussed in the TWAT thread and not here.
Yes, but that isn't a poor man's watch.
Congrats on the new Stowa, @mimo. Looks magnificent!
There's always my website in the meantime...
^ OH, Coxie.
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