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IF you do wear a watch with black tie, make sure it's a subtle and small piece, preferably with a black leather strap. That's the best way to go if you choose to wear a watch at all.
Go for the Oris, @flvinny521. It's a good watch at a good price, good quality and a good size for the wrist.
That 38.5mm Aqua Terra I just posted about recently (and shown again below) cost me $1500US, so that model could be another option for you, @flvinny521. As mimo said, Aqua Terra's like that one (or the automatics) make great all-rounder watches, looking equally great with suits, sport coats and polo shirts etc.
I'd go with the Oris myself, purely because I'm more familiar with that brand than the other, but I'm no expert.
It's just a quartz, but I liked the look of it (this is the version with the applied indices [not the more recent, neutered version], and in pristine condition) and got a good deal on it. Very happy with this: And two book covers for novels I'm working on with two friends of mine
I know, I know
All these people talking about the new Explorer...you're making me want something I can't have
1mm size difference can be a good or bad thing depending on your own wrist size and preferences, that's for sure. For my own slimmer wrist, I'd prefer 38mm to 39mm, but 39mm is still good.
Yes indeed, all dial watches like the 39mm Explorer do wear large, so I think slightly smaller at 38mm would do a world of good. It's surprising how much of a difference just 1mm can make, but it can. Apart from the size (I'd still get the new 39mm version if I could, though, but I would prefer it at 38mm), the new Explorer looks just about perfect to me in every other way.Thanks for the video links, @RFX45.
36mm and 39mm Explorers are both good. How about somewhere in the middle and offer a 38mm version? I prefer it with applied indices, though. I like the all lume 2016 Baselworld version. Wish I could afford it now, I'd be all over it if I could.
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