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Rochefort has a reputation for not being the best bespoke maker in Sydney. The owner himself isn't even a tailor (in the true sense of the word) or cutter. There are many better MTM and bespoke tailors in Sydney alone. Sorry to hear of your issues, Yudan.
I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope you're pain free and on your feet as soon as you're able.Wonderful thread, btw. Nothing but class.
^ I'm sure it would work, but why would you want to? Rolex make the best oyster bracelets out there, and look best with their bracelets on IMO.
Ahh...nice to see what you got, @AriGold. Beautiful piece. Very nice indeed Picked up last Tuesday in Martin Place, I take it? Wear it in good health, my friend.If I didn't already have a No Date Sub, I might have considered that one. I like the blue/black colour scheme. Some might decide to have both, but it's one or the other for me.
I got my Tudor from J Farren Price coincidentally.
^ Beautiful purchase, Wurger. Stunning piece.
Thanks Blau. It's funny, this 36mm watch wears more like my 38.5mm Aqua Terra. Certainly looks and feels bigger than my old 36mm Aqua Terra from a year or two back. Not really sure why that is. This BB36 has the shield logo on the dial but the rose on the crown, so you get the best of both worlds there.
Thanks again guys Updated watch box pic:
Thanks guys. Good guessing there, mimo. You do know me then. Funny story with this kop. I saw pics of it online last month and thought, I wouldn't mind having that. Contacted the local AD, asked if they do layby (my wife prefers it when I purchase that way). They said they do a 3 month layby but that there's a 6 month waiting list for the watch as they're only given one watch a month from the manufacturer. Great, I think. Plenty of time to fund this. Less than a week...
New Posts  All Forums: