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You're making the same error with your comments, then. I can only go by my own personal experience in my worldwide travels, but I've seen enough to vouch for Coxy's comments and my own and therefore it's not just 'My Uncle Joe...' etc. because it's a LOT more than just one person. Naturally it's not the whole world, but I'd say you haven't spoken or have knowledge of the whole world either, so you're in the same boat as me. So what indeed is correct. You've proven...
And I've met people from many countries that call it Maths. So what?
Not really. Everyone else I've met that speaks English that isn't American calls it 'Maths'.
Congrats, buddy. Great news indeed
Trenery suit, Charles Tyrwhitt shirt
Having a Cosmopolitan before lunch at my club:
Today before heading to lunch at my club in the city: Shanghai Tianzi MTM shoes, Trenery socks and suit.
+1 and I'm the exact same age.
I warned people about Elite Suits from the start.
At the Sydney Opera House while watching Julie Andrews talk about her life and career:
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