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^ Not a PMW I've had two Borealis watches in the past. Quality is superb for the price. They're nice and big and heavy, which is usually what I want in a dive watch.
^ Egads!
Exceptions don't generally disprove the rule.
^ Like I said, YMMV but it's not a look I personally like. I've always been a big fan of steel bracelets, particularly with that type of watch.
Should have gone with the Borealis Seafarer II in blue. 44mm, turbine edged bezel and completely obnoxious, just the thing you were after
I still would never wear a dive watch on a leather strap. Just doesn't look right to me but YMMV.
^ That would be a Frilly-style kop there, for the big timers here.
Go the smoking jacket!
^ Was one of them the Foo?
Boy, you've had it rough, Jazzy. Hope you feel better soon. If you need the money, you could probably sell off your shirt collection
New Posts  All Forums: