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As the past owner of a couple watches from Steinhart, I can attest to their overall quality and sturdiness. I can highly recommend them, especially for those that can't afford, or can never afford, Rolexes of similar appearance.
Feel free to annoy me with pics Yep, same watch. Mine was made in '99 but bought new (by my sister) in 2006 from a local AD (so it had been sitting on the shelf there for 7 years!) Apart from some minor swirlies on the clasp, it still looks like new, I'm proud to say.
Thanks Dino I have a few quartz watches, two good ones (that Omega and a Raymond Weil) and a beater, cheapo one (a Stührling GMT for traveling with). I don't mind the odd quartz.Now that Rolex Oysterquartz you mention...now that's one I really wouldn't mind getting one day...
Wearing this one today. While it's only quartz, it was my first ever top notch watch, bought as a Christmas present for me by my sister (who we nearly lost to Ovarian Cancer a few years back), so it's precious to me. Plus blue is my wife's favourite colour: Haven't seen too many pics of yours, @ShawnBC.
BLNR is a great watch, no doubt about it.
The SubC is the best way to go for understated, sporty elegance. In my experience, once you go Rolex, it's hard to look back.
Thanks, tiger.
Wearing this today while reading at my club (apologies for the crappy cell phone photo):
Yep. But it's always better to get there in person and be measured, fitted etc. by them.
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