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+1+1 it's become a rare thing to see a well fitted suit and a nice watch in combination out there in the 'real world'. Like you I prefer my own world to the overrated former And I've only rarely worn a dive watch with a suit myself.+1 And something I never do
^ +1 I share JM's view on this subject matter.
Of course most here aren't in favour of it. This is SF, most of what we like, say etc. here is odd in the context of the 'real' world. Regardless, a dive watch, provided it's not too bulky, worn with a suit is fine today, despite what people here may say. But naturally, if you don't like it, don't wear such a watch with a suit. Problem solved
No, there's more to it than that, PoP, as Coxie rightly pointed out, and there are naturally degrees of egomania.
Nobody said an egomaniac can't also care about the country, others etc. etc. Nobody said they were inhuman.I'm sure there are egomaniacs who don't care about anyone but themselves, and have zero self awareness, but they don't usually go into politics. Then again, there are always exceptions to this, or anything else for that matter.
^ Hirsh rubber strap would look good with that I think.
To achieve such high office, and potentially achieve greatness, one must have supreme, I mean supreme, self belief. What is such a supreme self belief if not a form of egomania? I think Coxie is exactly right in his summation.
Yep. Some strict traditionalists may still frown upon it, but they're not indicative of the real world, in truth.
These days, you can wear a dive watch with a suit, provided it's not a super clunky one. Yes, a dress watch is better, but the world has changed, and now it's quite acceptable to wear a dive watch provided it's not too big and blingy.
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