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It is traditional to remove the band first. It is the traditional act of a gentleman to do so.
If you aspire to be accepted into the SF society, you'd do well to remove the band from your cigar before lighting it, otherwise you'll be put down for a bounder.
^ One of the very best there, @no frills.
They appear to evoke different emotions with some, but they shouldn't.
With the way he conducts business and treats people, I wouldn't order from him at all. It's not like he's the only (good) trouser maker in the world for pete's sake.
As much charm as he may have, you have to question people who condone (or even praise) his sort of behavior while charging a motza for it (I don't care how good his trousers may be, his behavior to his clients is unacceptable no matter how fine the end product might be).
Lunch (poached chicken salad) at my club today (forgive the crappy cell phone photo):
The trouser maker is the worse dickhead, that is true.
You got it.
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