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Shanghai C&G also do CMT tailoring, so feel free to buy your fabrics elsewhere and bring them in. C&G will do true bespoke, MTM, whatever you want and are willing/able to pay/have time for. To get the very best results, naturally being on hand for measuring, fittings etc. is a given, so if you're in that area, give them a go.
^ Superb, Unc.
Beautiful looking watch, my friend. What are its dimensions?
Superb ensemble, mate. And that watch again. Gets me every time.I may get into Movember next year. Thought about it this year, but never got around to it.
If/when I'm next in Melbourne, perhaps I'll pop in and commission a charcoal suit from you. We'll see if I can wrangle the time.
*sigh* there's a few I'd like to get...
^ +1 it's a beauty!
^Of course, the rest of your ensemble is equally excellent, but that's a given, I think
You had me with this photo. That watch again...
FC is an excellent choice in that price range.
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