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Again, dress watches are traditionally smaller than 40mm. Casual/sport watches are fine being 40mm and over, but the design of your dial clearly makes it a dress watch. It's still too big, it's all dial which will no doubt make it wear large (despite what you say). If you were to casual/sport the dial up a bit, then it would be less of a problem, but the design and sizing don't match. As such, the watch is a bit all over the place. Too large and too thick for a dress watch...
^ You're right, usc, 39mm is borderline but can still work depending on the watch.
The current trend is for oversized watches, but those such watches will look naff once that trend ends (as all fads do). If you want your dress watch to be timeless, at least in size, then it isn't just opinion per sé, but it's backed up by decades worth of dress watches that are the 'proper' size for that style of watch and fits the greatest amount of wrist sizes. Dress watches are meant to be subtle, small-ish, melt into the wrist practically. 38mm is really the largest...
You can see the case is too wide by how far in the date window is. It should be closer to the outer edge.
Your dress watches, Wright Watches, are too big at 40mm, despite what your copy says on your website. 36-38mm is the spot on size for dress watches today. 40mm and over is fine for dive and sport watches but not for dress watches. As regular SF user Mafoofan rightly says in the TWAT thread, 40mm is the size of the Submariner and you don't want your dress watch to be the same size as the Submariner (I'm paraphrasing). He's right there. Don't go along with the large watch...
Thanks for the article. A great shame it was lost to this country, though...
^ It's the perfect watch for just about anything, Kap. Lovely
^ +1 but Ken Cowley has since sold all of RMW to Louis Vuitton. It's now 100% in foreign hands. There's always the Henry Baxter Classic Chelsea from Baxter boots. Still Australian owned and that model is still made in their Goulburn factory.
Yep. Louis Vuitton wants to re-brand RMW as luxury items, hence the crazy price rises. It's just the beginning I'm sure.
Arlington cologne today from DH Harris.
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