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Here are some further photos. Forgive their crappy nature, but I was in a hurry this morning. All have been worn regularly.
I buy Rolexes and Omegas because I like (some of) their watches (their look and their quality). I could give a stuff what anyone thinks of them or of me wearing them. 99% of the time nobody notices my watches anyway.
That is an excellent pair, Cox.I'll try and take some more photos of my various Tianzi shoes today.
Both +1
I've posted several photos here of my Shanghai Tianzi Shoes. For the price, they're ridiculously good (quality is very good, too, especially for the price).
^ Why would you want to escape?
No worries. It's just a personal preference thing, nothing more
Funnily enough, I prefer it on the steel bracelet.
I never doubted them.
New photo:
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