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Not my photo but I own this watch. My favourite poor man's watch right now:
^ Not a whole lot there to be honest.
^ I'm still hopeful of making the trip for our tenth wedding anniversary. Fingers crossed...
It's photos like these that make me yearn for the glories of the English countryside. Superb, old man.
Belated congrats, Dino!
^ Moar pics of ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That pretty much describes most of my watch purchases, mimo Hope all will work out with you and the missus.
^ You're a better photographer than I am, Stitchy. Well done, great watch!
I don't know the answers. All I know is my Omega SMP never (or very rarely) gets a mark on it, yet other watches, which I wear just as carefully and as often, get regular smudges. No biggie, but it's something that's bewildered me for some time.
^ It's weird, Moo, but some watches seem to attract smudges etc. on their crystals/bezels while others don't. I have no explanation for this, but have experienced this just as you have.
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