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^ I wouldn't mind an answer to your question, too, Boston.
+1 EliodA. Jany Temime (the costume designer of Skyfall and Spectre) is doing an awful job in suiting Craig as Bond. Lindy Hemming did a far better job as Bond's previous costume designer IMO.
Nothing wrong with a Pelagos. Very solid choice IMO.
Thanks, it probably would look good on a leather strap. It's the Aqua Terra 2500. I've never owned a Speedy, so I can't say how they compare. I have an Omega SMP 300. They look good together Thanks guys
Can't remember if I posted this photo of my Omega before. Apologies if I have... btw, those are Oakley sunglasses which I bought back in 2003.
^ I think the next film is set far beyond M's funeral. Besides, I believe her funeral was held at the end of Skyfall, albeit unseen. This funeral scene is set in Rome. M's funeral wouldn't be held there anyway.
^ +1 He was a bit too muscular, I agree, but I think that was because it was his first mission and he hadn't yet found his feet in the spy business. In that context it worked, but I agree, he looks better now. I just wish his suits now were up to the CR standard.
That Shogun looks superb. Big thumbs up from me. Congrats on the buy.
Neither were as good as the suits in Casino Royale.
99% of watches depreciate in value the instant you buy them. That's just the way it is and needs to be accepted before moving forward.
New Posts  All Forums: