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Anyone interested in the Bauhaus aesthetics should check out this list of the various watches that use these design elements in their watches. There's quite a few watches there: http://www.reddit.com/r/Watches/comments/1w6kpn/summary_of_bauhaus_style_watches The Bauhaus aesthetic is becoming like the dive watch style now - fairly ubiquitous.
There you go. Look, it's not stealing anything. The Bauhaus look is a legitimate style of watch that many watch companies have gone with over the years. There's nothing wrong with that.
I don't think Nomos invented that look.
Blatant stealing of what?
Lunching at my club again today (apologies again for the crappy cell phone shot):
Tudor is not a Poor Man's watch. Discussion/questions about this brand should be relocated to the TWAT section of the forum.
Sold out now.
No worries, @DLJr. All is good
It's photos like these that make me want to hop on a jet and get over there. And there's that watch again A Mercedes and a Jag? Crikey! Superbly attired, as always, my good man.
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