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I warned people about Elite Suits from the start.
At the Sydney Opera House while watching Julie Andrews talk about her life and career:
Me yesterday at lunch at Circular Quay after seeing Julie Andrews at the Sydney Opera House: Shanghai Tianzi MTM shoes, Trenery socks, Tailor Store MTM chinos.
Armida and Borealis have some decent offerings too.
I guess what really bugs me is that it has a nice dress watch dial but not the case size or thinness to go with it. Ill proportioned watches bug me. If the dial were more casualed up, as it were, I'd likely have a different reaction to it. Oh well, don't mind me.
You need to show this piece off in the TWAT thread, Coxy.
If you put that guy in a suit the watch would still wear just as large on him. Just the way that watch is. Whether we're the target audience is irrelevant to me. Whether the large watch look is popular or not is irrelevant to me. People out there are stupid and dress like slobs. I'm never going to support that or think that's a good thing. This is SF, most of us here know better. And Wright Watches is here on SF courting us. But, as you say, the watch is what it is. I...
Long time no see here, Kapp. Good to have you back
Looks like it wears large to me, certainly looks large on this photo despite what's been said. If the bezel were wider it would wear smaller, but any watch with a narrow bezel will always wear larger because it's all dial:You might be right, MSchapiro. As you've said before, there are some nice details on the watch - the price point, the enamel dial and the like. Not perfect but some good aspects as well, it must be said.
Again, dress watches are traditionally smaller than 40mm. Casual/sport watches are fine being 40mm and over, but the design of your dial clearly makes it a dress watch. It's still too big, it's all dial which will no doubt make it wear large (despite what you say). If you were to casual/sport the dial up a bit, then it would be less of a problem, but the design and sizing don't match. As such, the watch is a bit all over the place. Too large and too thick for a dress watch...
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