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^ +1 The ND Sub is a fine looking watch. I'd like to get one eventually. *sigh* so many watches to get, so little funds
^ Looking good, Foxy. Looks well tailored.
^ I'm a size 11UK.
I prefer winter.
^ I wish we had your cold weather up here in NSW
^ I would check out Suitshop and Zink first before MJ Bale. The latter isn't what it used to be IMO.
I must say, Nomos do make quite a few watches I like the look of.
^ Lots of good tailoring choices in Sydney, I agree. I recommend Zink & Sons. Their prices vary depending on the fabric and the choice of tailoring (eg. MTM or bespoke) and suit options employed. You can get lower than $2.5K there. Suitshop in the Strand Arcade is another fine option.
^ I know, strange decisions coming from Rolex in that regard.
New Posts  All Forums: