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Kent Wang sells logo less dress watches.
So much love here lately for 34-36mm watches...nice
And me. I use my phone to call, text, check my email. I use my watch to tell time.
36mm watches work fine for most people. The 36mm Rolex Explorer is a classic of classics. Now, of course, it comes in the larger 39mm, but Tudor has the similar Heritage Black Bay 36 (the quality of which I can personally attest to) now. Rolex still have DJs at 36mm and they look very fine as well.
I was about to say the same thing. But now don't need to
Nice watch but too big for that wrist it's on in that photo.
Had a nice Cosmo and lunch with a friend at my club today:
You'll find out one day when you're all grown up :P
I bought it originally because I liked it. Whether it's an automatic or a quartz doesn't matter to me if I like the watch. Nothing wrong with having the odd top quality quartz. I recently sold it (and another) to help pay for my Tudor BB36.
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