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You shouldn't have been pilloried. That's just stupid, childish behaviour by those responsible. Hand welting is better, naturally, but it's anyone's right to like and support good quality GYW shoes and nobody, NOBODY, has the right to attack such people! I would suggest you place on ignore anyone who treats you like that here on this forum.
I'm sure it's plenty water resistant for every day use then.
^ How water resistant is it, @Messer?
Go the Sub, Nikola. It's the classic of classics. Who cares who else wears one! Wear it with pride!!
+1I'm the same. Careful and, perhaps, OCD in the care I show my watches. Doesn't bother me, though. My watches look pristine years after buying them
Been to the Hattery in Katoomba many a time. Great store.
Superb, Coxy, truly superb.
That's really great, Coxy. Glad you've got the space, too. Love the name, takes me back to my childhood when I would call everything either Cecil or Frederick. Don't know why
^ I previously had a Borealis watch (their Seahawk), and was very impressed with the quality for the price. I recently sold that one, but then saw this one and, again, for the price, it was a no brainer for someone like me that loves dive watches (and it's less of a clone. The Seahawk looked a lot like a Tudor Pelagos). I figure this would be my stunt watch, the one I wear in the water and can bash around without caring (too much) about what happens to it. I know the Rolex...
New Posts  All Forums: