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Sure, but it probably looks about the same as the others I've taken of it, but here's how it looks today
Best bestest ever (but I would say that) And a look at my wedding ring, a simple 14K white gold band, but this is the first time it's left my finger in 10 years...
Maurice Lecroix.
Maybe not, but I would have said the same about Djokavic (sp?) and yet it happened. Unless we know these people personally, there's no concrete way of knowing what they may or may not do, but he's done it before, so that speaks something of how he operates in that regard. Mind you, I don't care who Federer represents or what products he hawks. I don't buy stuff based on what celebrities advertise.
I don't doubt Federer likes watches, but I'm sure he'd jump ship for bigger bucks as well. He's done it before after all.
Yeah, when Federer hit the big time, he gave Maurice Lacroix the flick. On to bigger and better (and richer) things.
Rolex sponsor Federer, so he has as many Rolex watches as they give him, which is likely many. Lucky bastard
I prefer bracelets, but they have to be good bracelets mind you.
ND Sub for me everytime, but they're both superb Rolexes. I've spoken with several watchmakers over the years that are very pro winder use, so it really depends on who you talk to. I don't think it matters too much either way if you service your watch/es at reasonably regular intervals.
It's the dial that kills that watch, no question.
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