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If you want a cheap(ish) online suit that fits decently, Shanghai C&G is the best I've thus far found. But with any online experience, you have to be patient and spell out exactly what you want and how you want it.
Lovely combo there, mate.
+1 That's how I feel with any Ti watch. They look okay, but then you pick it up, and it just feels cheap in the hand and on the wrist. Dive watches like the Sub or Pelagos work so much better if they have a certain heft to them. Otherwise it feels a bit like a toy.Good to have Foo back here btw
^ I'd love to get me an OysterQuartz one day.
^ Love it! Fits well, the movement keeps excellent time, has great presence on the wrist. Looks like a real man's watch, beefy and weighty without overdoing it, which I really like.
^ Superb, Crusty. One of your best.
Only a few hours to go to secure the above Audemars Piguet watch. One bid has already been lodged, but it's not too late if you want to secure this for your lady love (or yourself for our lady readers here). Don't miss out on the bargain of the century!
Here's a better, clearer shot of the above:
Much of what you say is true, but I can still do without reviews such as Odetts. It's a poor piece of work IMO.One space after a full stop (what most of you call a period). Yes please
It's still the same crappy review that is years old now and been discredited by many for just as long.
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