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^ Great choice! Can't wait to see pics.
+1Once you've worked that out, you've nailed down the secret to a successful marriage (8 years for me and counting!)
^ BOO to you!
It's a win-win situation in my book. Both are fantastic pieces.
Tissot is a smart choice for a quality, not too expensive Swiss alternative.
Go the SubC. Trust me, you'll never regret it! (Old photo, as I'm not wearing it today at work):
I wish I still had that photo of the magpie on my arm pecking at my Rolex in the early 2000s (a Rolex which I only had briefly and had to sell...broke my heart). Good photo, though, but I think it's lost
^ Nick Hacko, an Aussie watchmaker, said the same thing about the movement in an email report today.
Neither have I...but nothing wrong with a little aspiration from time to time
Neither do I. My initial post was a joke, after all, though it is true that in ye olde British society, it would have been frowned upon by the upper echelon if one didn't remove the band before lighting a cigar. The past was what it was.
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