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^ That's not their best model IMO.
Get it, get it!
I think I would honestly prefer a smack in the head than wear any sort of smart watch, regardless of the brand.
Titanium has its place, particularly for those (few) people who have a nickel allergy, making the wearing of stainless steel watches uncomfortable, but for me, I find Ti watches far too light. If I'm wearing a watch, particularly if it's a sport or dive watch, I want to feel its weight, I like noticing its heft on my wrist. Ti ruins that for me. So, not for me I have to say.
I've posted my thoughts on Steinhart in this thread before. I've had two, and I can highly recommend their watches.
Great watch there, Fatso.
Wonderful as ever. And there's that watch again All the best, sir.
Superb as always, Sir Crusty. Simply superb.
It would, but I bet it does happen.
Not bad. Congrats on the purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: