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Stunning BLNR there, @Bleedblue. I can see why it would be a grail piece for you and many others. My SubC is, I think, mine.
Love those shoes especially, Crusty. Really lovely pair there (happy birthday btw)
Well done, @Andy57. Fantastic kop. Wear it in good health (and keep showing it off here)
Orient make some fine poor man's watches.
I've never warmed to NATO straps either the few times I've tried them. Nice to know I'm not alone
^ I wouldn't have thought so, but it depends on the individual watches in question, I'm sure.
Congrats to you both, @fal32 and @DLJr, for different reasons of course
Lovely colour on those, my good man.
^ Lovely box and watches there, tricky. Very nice indeed.
Thank you my good man.The closest I have to a blue/black combo watch befitting the character
New Posts  All Forums: