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Borealis Sea Hawk.
The only "gold" watch I would ever wear (not my photo):
^ *sigh* indeed, @mimo. That's my favourite Submariner, I'd love to have it one day. *sigh*
^ Sure. I've had it since September last year and it's been my daily wearer ever since. Best fitting watch I've ever had, and keeps very good time for an automatic (it has a Seiko automatic movement inside it). The matte ceramic bezel and raised (but flat on top) sapphire crystal give it the best looking profile of any watch I've owned. For a watch that only costs $US355, you get an awful lot of watch for the price. I love it!
Not my photo but I own this watch. My favourite poor man's watch right now:
^ Not a whole lot there to be honest.
^ I'm still hopeful of making the trip for our tenth wedding anniversary. Fingers crossed...
It's photos like these that make me yearn for the glories of the English countryside. Superb, old man.
Belated congrats, Dino!
^ Moar pics of ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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