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Perfectly understandable. Yes please, do send me a message when you're ready, that would be appreciated.All sounds good, thank you.
Any rough idea on when the monogramming feature might be added to this?
BLNR all the way, @AriGold. Good to see you posting here again btw
SMH once said Malcolm wears Canali. Whether that's exclusively, or even correct in the first place, I have no idea.
The new Rolex Explorer is the way to go. Or an Aqua Terra.
Those look really interesting. I'm unfamiliar with this style, but I really like it. I may have to see about getting a pair for myself. Thanks for sharing here
Looks good, nice shade to it. Maker?
I am out of the loop. I haven't been to that part of the city for some little time.
^ Visiting Canali again, Coxy?
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