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Casual day:
The Sub finally got off the wrist...but only for an evening:
Seikos are an excellent choice as well. Can't go wrong there.
I'm thinking about it. I have the Sea Hawk already, but that Scorpionfish does look very enticing to a dive watch fan such as myself.
^ I can highly recommend Borealis. One of the best bang for your buck dive watch companies out there. They just have a new watch available for pre-order, the Scorpionfish. A bargain for what you get IMO.
No. TWAT is the place to discuss all watches, but you really need to be there and allow everyone to get to know you and get to know your story and the story of your watches before people will engage with you. They are, undoubtedly, some very fine pieces you've shown off here and there, but we know nothing about you or them. Engage with others, and then likewise will occur.
Most of those are not poor man's watches. Please confine such posts to the TWAT thread (whether they get lots of thumbs up or not doesn't matter).
Well done, Coxy. Make sure to show them off here when they arrive.
^ Ugh!
Nice to see some German/German connections here. My family is from Germany, from the town of Herne near Bochum. Haven't been back there in decades myself, but I still have family there today.
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