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Some great pics there, @ShawnBC. Watch looks great and looks great on you. Mine says hi (wondering if I should breakfast on the balcony or not):
^ +1
I don't know. eBook sales and loans have gone down a fair bit recently, while print book sales have gone up, so I wouldn't write the book off just yet.
^ Wonderful stuff, two of my favourite people here on SF.
^ Don't be a douche bag, PoP! I've only found out about the festival recently, as I don't live in Sydney (I work in the western suburbs) and only visit the inner city infrequently, and when I do, I'm usually lunching at my club (which, btw, makes a fine cup of coffee).Don't be a douche bag, PoP!Don't be a douche bag, PoP! Your poor Voxsartoria impersonation is fast becoming very old.
There was a coffee festival in Sydney recently. Wish I'd been able to attend...I think it was prevalent in the Rocks/Circular Quay area. Presumably excellent coffee is to be had there.
Yep, the wife and I still have a few VHS tapes
Feel free to send any watches my way for review
^ Excellent options there.
The one on the far right is a cheap quartz Orvis watch. I liked the look of it, though. Thought it would make a nice sport coat piece. The one next to it is a Raymond Weil.Thank you kindly
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