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I've seen buttons loosen even on the best of bespoke over the years. It's an easy fix, so I wouldn't cite that as too much of a negative.
I LOVE the 36mm Explorer 1. I nearly bought one recently, but got my Omega Aqua Terra instead. I'm still torn over that one. I'll likely get the Explorer 1 at some future point.
Yeah, looks brown on mine too.
Excellent! Keep us updated with the progress of this suit, Stebbin.
Superb, as always, Andrew.
I think you're right with your overall assessment, Cox. I agree with your statement on Canali, too. I don't see them going off the rails anytime soon, either. Still, MTM or bespoke really is the place to be if you want to be well dressed in timeless style.
Even in dress boots, I don't mind so much. Shoes/boots crease with wear. They're never going to look the way they did when they were first made and unworn. That's how it goes.
+1 They were far too tight IMO.
I don't even think the James Bond Tom Ford suits are all that great. Some of them were ill-fitting IMO in the last Bond film.
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