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Congrats, buddy. Great news indeed
Trenery suit, Charles Tyrwhitt shirt
Having a Cosmopolitan before lunch at my club:
Today before heading to lunch at my club in the city: Shanghai Tianzi MTM shoes, Trenery socks and suit.
+1 and I'm the exact same age.
I warned people about Elite Suits from the start.
At the Sydney Opera House while watching Julie Andrews talk about her life and career:
Me yesterday at lunch at Circular Quay after seeing Julie Andrews at the Sydney Opera House: Shanghai Tianzi MTM shoes, Trenery socks, Tailor Store MTM chinos.
Armida and Borealis have some decent offerings too.
I guess what really bugs me is that it has a nice dress watch dial but not the case size or thinness to go with it. Ill proportioned watches bug me. If the dial were more casualed up, as it were, I'd likely have a different reaction to it. Oh well, don't mind me.
New Posts  All Forums: