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^ Maybe, but I'd still take it if given to me
I need two more and then I'm done for awhile, too
Hi mimo, nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliment also I have an eclectic mix of watches. Some cheap models that I just like the look of, some expensive. I even have some quartz models! I'm using that Borealis as a daily beater. It's, exactly as you put it, a sports watch I don't have to baby and protect.
RO is da bomb! Beyond me, though
^ Oh dear, that's not good, Beatle.
Better than the bushfires they had this time last year.
I also supplied precise measurements from a bespoke garment made in Sydney, and my commissions from Amy (three so far) have also not required adjustment/remaking. Turnover time was a few weeks each time, but that can vary depending on how busy they are and the time of year you place your order. They do CMT work, or you can access their extensive range of fabrics. I always go with fabrics their Huddersfield range, which provide an excellent product for suits or sport coats...
Bloody weather has me frowning like that today too.
^ As Stebbin says, Amy will do anything you want, but you'll need to be patient and very clear with what you're after (pictures help and remember, English isn't Amy's first language, so be as clear and concise as can be). With any online MTM, it may take a few goes to get things exactly how you want them. Amy and her team may nail things straight away, but don't be discouraged if it takes a few goes before it's 100%.
^ Thanks Ari.
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