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Nope, Air-King's are still 34mm. I like the version with the blue dial and arabic numerals best. Like the same version OP (though that one is 36mm), it's very Explorer-like.
My favourite here on TWAT
Nothing wrong with your Air King, mate. Enjoy it!
+1 mimo. The new Oyster Perpetual's are very nice indeed. I'm also seriously considering one. Perhaps the blue, Explorer-style dial version.
^ Not really. You can discuss all watches in that other thread to which you're referring, and I would suggest to you that a Tag Heuer doesn't really classify as a poor man's watch either.
For me, it depends on the dress watch. There are some with a date window (at 3 o'clock) that I like and some without that I like. There are others of both that I dislike. However, I suppose the purest of the pure dress watch should probably be without a date window at all.
Explorer 1 boring? Say it ain't so!
Well said, LA Guy. I understand what you mean and where you're coming from.
Thanks guys
New Posts  All Forums: