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It didn't have solid white gold numerals. It had non-luminous paint (I assume) inserted into the white gold frames of the numerals. The full, solid white gold numerals started with the 214...
The solid white gold numerals was the 214270 Explorer (Tricky's one), not the 114270.
The second is definitely the better of the two Explorer's on display. Better hand set, better size IMO. The more classic, iconic version I feel.
Nah, prefer the new Explorer with the longer hands and lumed numerals. It now better resembles the more classic, iconic 36mm version, albeit in 39mm form. For those that prefer the larger size, you now get the best of both worlds.
That's a superb pickup. Truly excellent watch, now pretty much back to its former brilliance with the slight adjustments made to it by Rolex this year.
FOR SALE: This amazing Christopher Ward Trident-Pro 38mm automatic watch. Exactly a year old, this watch is in excellent condition, with just slight signs of gentle wearing on the stainless steel bracelet and clasp, both of which can be easily brushed and polished out to look absolutely brand new and pristine. Perfect all-ages watch can be worn by both men and women...it is the perfect size for both. The ceramic bezel is simply jaw-droppingly beautiful, especially as it...
RMW...looking good, my good man
On the long 2+hours train journey to work this morning...
At the moment, I'm preferring 36mm too, but 38mm works for pretty much all wrist sizes today.
Sounds like the same issues you can have with any tailor. Tell them what you want and they'll no doubt it for you. Bespoke/MTM is a process of give and take and takes time to get it as you want it.
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