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^ Lovely shoes, mate. Lovely.
My latest kop (x-post from the TWAT thread):
My recent watch acquisition. Not something I'd normally get for myself, but my wife got it for me, so it's precious in that respect.
^ I've been thinking lately of starting a daily journal, too, Frilly. A combination of jotting down a few daily thoughts as well as any novel/story ideas or interesting words I wish to use in my writings. Give my pens a little more to do
@no frills - that's one of my daily pens (it's a Waterman my sister bought me many years ago). I have quite a few, and often just take up what's nearest to hand. I don't write by hand as much as I used to in my youth (in school and college, I wrote all my papers by hand, which today's kids/young adults wouldn't know a whole lot about), but I still try to write as much as possible per day in my study at home. I print whatever manuscript I'm working on on the day and go...
I was referring to Suit Shop as well in my above post.
Saw a nicely dressed chap on the train carrying a SS suit bag last Friday. Nice to see.
^ Top stuff, as always, mate. And that watch
There's that beauty again I'd get a Rolex over a PAM if I didn't want the watch to be recognised. I tend to prefer the visual aesthetic of most (but not all) Rolexes anyway, but that's just a personal thing.
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