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I've had three watches from Borealis over the years. I can highly recommend their quality.
The Borealis Sea Storm (an upcoming watch available for pre-order) is also their take on the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Looks pretty good, too.
I dislike titanium watches, especially dive watches. If I'm gonna wear a chunky dive watch, I want it to feel like a chunky a dive watch, and that includes feeling its weight.
When I decided to buy my Tudor BB36, I was told there was a 6 months waiting list plus the 3 months I intended to pay it off on layaway. The watch came in for me about a week after being put on the waiting list and I paid it off within another few weeks. So, my intended 9 month wait lasted only a few weeks. I have no idea if the waiting list was real or not.
I dislike polished centre links myself, which is why I chose the No Date Sub instead (and recently flipped a Christopher Ward C60 beater which also had PCLs. After one year, I realised I just didn't like them). They're both beautiful watches, though.
Good point that.
I was wondering something similar.
^ Looks like Debert is made by Parnis. Quality is probably not high then.My latest kop btw is a Borealis Bull Shark no date in green, replacing my Christopher Ward as my alternate Sub beater.
Never had a problem with my Tyrwhitt shirts. I agree, twill is the best.
BLNR is a great watch, I'm sure you'll get a lifetime of joy from it.
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