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Another place I'd love to visit.Great shoe/sock combos lately, guys. Very high standard, as always
^ Everyone is tempting me with watches I can't have (at the moment). Grrrrr....
No, you're not the only one. I prefer the Coke as well
I thought the same thing, even though I make no claims at being an expert from looking at users photos. Still...
Always happy to be of assistance Mind you, that OysterQuartz looks pretty darn good, too.
^ I'll happily take the GMT off your hands, Dino
And my eye was drawn to the GMT
The JDM Seiko's and Grand Seiko's are better quality than any Orient IMO and are the better watches I feel.
There are several watch manufacturers headquartered in Glasshütte. It really is Germany's Jura.
Overgenerous, @Journeyman? Maybe, but I was talking of people on this forum mainly that have/may have spoken about being jealous. Obviously outside this forum I'm sure there are many after such a patina for the reasons you describe. The way I see it as similar to why people buy antiques. There are many reasons why they buy, many aspects they love with what they've bought, but one of them undoubtedly is the item's story, its history. It isn't their history, but they want...
New Posts  All Forums: