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Will do
I have a new Air King on its way to me soon, the blue Explorer style-dial version. It just appealed to me somehow. I'll show it off here once it arrives.
It's better to overdress than underdress IMO in many situations.
Did someone here mention Miranda Kerr? [[SPOILER]]
^ +1
I guess it depends on the wrist, because it makes zero difference on mine.
I don't know, mimo. Today's 34mm Air King, with its thicker case and lugs, looks almost identical in size to a 36mm Explorer. I don't think the 34/36mm difference isn't that great on the wrist anymore:
^ Great fit, PoP!
Nope, Air-King's are still 34mm. I like the version with the blue dial and arabic numerals best. Like the same version OP (though that one is 36mm), it's very Explorer-like.
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