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36mm watches work fine for most people. The 36mm Rolex Explorer is a classic of classics. Now, of course, it comes in the larger 39mm, but Tudor has the similar Heritage Black Bay 36 (the quality of which I can personally attest to) now. Rolex still have DJs at 36mm and they look very fine as well.
I was about to say the same thing. But now don't need to
Nice watch but too big for that wrist it's on in that photo.
Had a nice Cosmo and lunch with a friend at my club today:
You'll find out one day when you're all grown up :P
I bought it originally because I liked it. Whether it's an automatic or a quartz doesn't matter to me if I like the watch. Nothing wrong with having the odd top quality quartz. I recently sold it (and another) to help pay for my Tudor BB36.
^ I like both watches, even the quirky Breitling.
I recently sold my quartz RW, but it was a beautiful watch, never had an issue with it. Looked much higher quality than its cost suggested.
No worries. There's still plenty of white gold in there, though. Don't all Rolexes have white gold hands, indices etc.?
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