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Go the Sub, Nikola. It's the classic of classics. Who cares who else wears one! Wear it with pride!!
+1I'm the same. Careful and, perhaps, OCD in the care I show my watches. Doesn't bother me, though. My watches look pristine years after buying them
Been to the Hattery in Katoomba many a time. Great store.
Superb, Coxy, truly superb.
That's really great, Coxy. Glad you've got the space, too. Love the name, takes me back to my childhood when I would call everything either Cecil or Frederick. Don't know why
^ I previously had a Borealis watch (their Seahawk), and was very impressed with the quality for the price. I recently sold that one, but then saw this one and, again, for the price, it was a no brainer for someone like me that loves dive watches (and it's less of a clone. The Seahawk looked a lot like a Tudor Pelagos). I figure this would be my stunt watch, the one I wear in the water and can bash around without caring (too much) about what happens to it. I know the Rolex...
Here's a stock pic from the Borealis website:
^ I could show pics, but they wouldn't be mine. The watch hasn't arrived yet. I've pre-ordered it, should arrive around July/August. A 2000m diver, I'm looking forward to receiving it.
^ You got it, @ShawnBC
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