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+1The little boy kept wanting to hug Craig. I found that very touching.
Hamilton make some fine watches, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing.
Don't worry, no such rule
Don't worry about it, @Jazzmenco. All is good
If you have an interesting story/background/etc. to go along with those watches, then you might get more interest, but I'll say it again, if you want to post pics, then do so. Whether anyone comments on it or gives you thumbs etc. etc. really shouldn't matter. It doesn't matter to me. If I feel like posting a pic of one of my watches, I do so. If I don't, I don't. If they get approval, comments, thumbs etc., that's all well and dandy (and appreciated), but if nobody did...
Whether anyone is interested and gushes over your watches or not shouldn't matter. If you want to post your watches, then do so. That's my two cents.
.That's an individual issue, though. You needn't--shouldn't--be ashamed of your watches, irrespective of what else is on show. Anything above $1,000 is nothing to be sneezed at, regardless of what else is on show. Have confidence, and show your stuff off regardless of its cost.If your watch is below $1,000, show it off here. If it's above that, show it off in the TWAT thread. Be happy, all is good
Superb, Kap. I feel better now
It might just scrape in possibly. The TWAt thread is for all watches, rich, poor and in between. This thread is purely for so called poor watches. $1000 seemed to have been the agreed cutoff point some time back.
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