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Watch looks okay to me. I'd prefer the 40mm version to be 38mm, though, and automatic would be better.
Thanks, but it's nothing special really
There are more self made billionaires in HK than anywhere else in the world.
Wearing my PMW to work today:
I wouldn't say the most (for me at least), but it is a desirable piece, that's for sure. I like the blue black version as well.
I can recommend Thomas Czibula in Sydney. I've used him several times for my watches - www.watchrepair.com.au/
Of course they sell authentic watches. Authentic Watches (www.authenticwatches.com) is another good grey market source I've found.
Usually I don't, but just lately I have seen a fair few Rolexes out and about.
Jen very kindly sent me an undershirt to try and I have to say, while it's different to what I'm used to (undershirts tend to be more like tanktops here in Australia), it's extremely soft and comfortable and essentially disappears under your clothing. I've worn it a few weeks now, off and on, and it's come through the wash perfectly. I can highly recommend this product and the superb dealings with Jen and her team. Well done to all involved
My kop should be here by the end of October. I will, naturally, share pics with you all. Nothing too big or momentous, but another little one watch contender to go along with my Sub.
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