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Thank you one and all for your counsel. I definitely will be getting a Rolex Explorer 1 36mm then. Not sure exactly when, but I've made my mind up to get one at some future (reasonably soon) point. Thanks
That's your car, Foxy? Wow!
I'm thinking of maybe...maybe...getting a Rolex Explorer 1 36mm. I'm not sure, though. Should I do it? I find it's calling me, but should I resist? Oh decisions, decisions...
^ Ouch! Say it ain't so.
A fine dress watch would have completed this nigh-on perfect look IMO.
My latest pick-up, which I'm very happy with:
Of course, I always try to get the best deals possible. But I buy what I like and get the best deal possible with them (I take my time with any such purchase). I don't really care about any other factor.
Here are some further photos. Forgive their crappy nature, but I was in a hurry this morning. All have been worn regularly.
I buy Rolexes and Omegas because I like (some of) their watches (their look and their quality). I could give a stuff what anyone thinks of them or of me wearing them. 99% of the time nobody notices my watches anyway.
That is an excellent pair, Cox.I'll try and take some more photos of my various Tianzi shoes today.
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