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Well done, Coxy. Make sure to show them off here when they arrive.
^ Ugh!
Nice to see some German/German connections here. My family is from Germany, from the town of Herne near Bochum. Haven't been back there in decades myself, but I still have family there today.
Davies and Son would be a good place to look, I quite agree.
I've been the same with my Sub since I got it.
I find breaking the "rules" is sometimes ok so long as one understands the "rules", as most here no doubt do.
If I had to pick a "one watch" it would be my new Sub. No doubt about it.
They were good sandwiches, I must say. Roast beef and semi-sun dried tomatoes. Chicken salad. Smoked salmon. Egg salad. Ham and tomato. Yummo!They came out better than the watch in my photo...
I had intended to wear the Aqua Terra today, but I can't seem to get this off my wrist (forgive the crappy cell phone shot). Lunching at my club today:
Holy necro bump!
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