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I much prefer that iteration of that watch, Frilly, than the current model, which is still nice but looks a little off to me (probably the too short hands).
I've got a 2500 movement 36mm Aqua Terra, and it's a beautiful watch that keeps excellent time. The movement may not be as good as the later ones by Omega, but you still can't go wrong with a 2500.
$355USD shouldn't be out of anyone's range here. For what you get (engraved ceramic bezel with lume, deep sea diving at 1500m, raised sapphire crystal, super solid bracelet and clasp with diver/fitting extension etc.), the price is insanely good.My pleasure.
Stowa is a top notch brand I can't recommend highly enough.
How about the Borealis Sea Hawk?
No chance in the short term. Most likely it will go down before ever heading upwards again. I don't see it hitting parity in the next couple years or so at the very least.
^ +1 I know. Depressing
Don't ever let that watch go, mate, it's a thing of beauty......unless it's a gift for me
^ Thanks @Cleav
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