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And here's mine again
+1Like a lot of things, a united Europe was good in theory, and possibly in initial practice, but perhaps what it's become today isn't what was once promised.
Yep, rugged up here in wintry (relatively speaking) Australia. The chill wind keeps blasting in here at work every time the automatic doors stream open, which is constantly
Oh well, maybe it's a bit of payback, as the youngins have been telling the oldies what to do for awhile now. Old people have as much of a say as anyone else.
Good morning, fellows. Certainly a chilly morning here in Oz. Hope you all have a good one.
I do think that, once things calm down, we'll all see not much will actually change for the UK over the long term (apart from public servants/politicians having to go through a lot of paperwork and do a lot of negotiating). For everyone else, things will eventually return to normal once all the dust has settled. I doubt the British century will come again anytime soon, nor do I think the sky will cave in because of Brexit.
Nice to see you come around to my way of thinking, Roger Looks super on you.
+142mm is the largest I have and have worn, but even that can look too large on me, depending on the type of watch it is. The 36-40mm range is my prime range, and probably the majority of everyone's prime range, even if they admit it or not.
I detest the large watch 'phenomenon' of recent years, particularly on ladies. Most watches I see on folks these days, men or women, are far too large for their wrists and they come off as silly try-hards as a result.
Starting to get a bit chilly here in Oz. Happy to be home, though, after a 3 week holiday to the US (and with a new cell phone to play with):
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