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The trouser maker is the worse dickhead, that is true.
You got it.
You're kidding, right?I know he is, and he's more than welcome to.
Anyone paying that much for a pair of non-bespoke pants you have to wait forever for is the true Rube, I'm sorry to say.
Never assume the way things are done in the US is mirrored in other parts of the world. I see this so often and I never fail to shake my head at this.
^ Don't like. There's plenty better to be had at that price. Check out the Poor Man's Watch thread here on Style Forum for just those sorts of watches.
^ +1
+1 more rubbish from Tom Ford.
It's been decided, some time ago, that $1,000 would be the cut off for the PMW thread. Omegas are never PMW's.
Gorgeous watch! Keep 'em coming
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