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^ +1 Foo.
Dang! I need a blue checked shirt again
I, too, prefer the Nautilus to the Aquanaut. The latter just doesn't appeal to me.
^ Very nice indeed. I do like those you've listed, mimo.
I don't mind some of their designs. They seem decent watches, though I'm no expert.
^ LOL I just stick with those aromas at home, via my furnishings there. The cologne I wear out and about is pretty average.
I have both in my home (well, mahogany furniture instead of the panelling), so I can attest to the quality of those aromas. I may have some sherry left, too
I agree. I'm working on filling it. A Rolex something or other Not sure of the maker, but I got it here.
Some of my eclectic collection of watches...
Even if they don't have the fabric on hand, they can order just about any brand fabric in for you. Expensive or not so, it's all about what you want and can afford.
New Posts  All Forums: