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Not the best loafers, I suppose, but I lost some of my luggage on a recent US holiday, and this was the best fitting I could find in the San Joaquin Valley of California:
I feel the same way when wearing my Aqua Terra.Looks superb, mimo. Congrats again.
I have the Henry Baxter Classic, Oli, had them for some six years now, the leather hasn't gotten damaged yet. I highly recommend them.
Congrats man. Enjoy the heck out of that one!
An abomination that hurts my eyes.
That's a great deal. Well done, Roger
+1 Michigan.
Top notch, my friend
Stührling can be very hit and miss. I know there are plenty of dodgy one's out there, but the one I have (a quartz GMT) has lasted well for the last few years as a cheap travel beater, so fingers crossed it continues so.
^ Good luck with it. Keep us posted here.
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