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Nice to see Zink getting a mention, among others.
^ Superb, B. I wish I could take watch (or any kind of) photos like that.
^ He's visited Zink, too, if I remember correctly, JM. Great blog. Naturally, everyone should visit the tailor (MTM or bespoke) that best suits their tastes and budget. Nothing wrong with going offshore. That's my current option, too.
There's Bijan in Sydney as well. Either way, quite a few true bespoke choices in Sydney. There's a bespoke tailor in Town Hall Arcade, too, I believe (if he's still there, that is). Forget his name, and can't speak of the quality of his service.
I wear my chelseas (above) often.
I need to get more boots myself.
My Henry Baxter Classic chelsea boots from Baxter Boots (old photo):
I don't know about sartorial heaven, but there are plenty of good bespoke and MTM options in Sydney to suit a variety of budgets, not just those mentioned above. We all know the usual suspects.
Trust me, Coxie, I'm a librarian
[[SPOILER]] Congrats on the milestone, Coxie
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