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^ Excellent options there.
The one on the far right is a cheap quartz Orvis watch. I liked the look of it, though. Thought it would make a nice sport coat piece. The one next to it is a Raymond Weil.Thank you kindly
Beautiful shoes, Crusty.
Some of my watches. Think I might need a new watch winder, though:
I'm not an expert, but I feel pretty sure it can be done. As to cost...I don't know. Ask Thomas Czibula in Sydney for a free quote.
There's that beauty again
thanks mimo
Not a fan of YG watches myself, though that does look pretty good despite that, I must say.
Thanks @ShawnBC. I'm enjoying wearing it the last couple days.
^ In Sydney? Try and ask Thomas Czibula for advice (or email him). Here's his website - www.watchrepair.com.au
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