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Feel free to talk about these in the TWAT thread. Nomos is generally well thought of there.
A couple days ago on a tea break at work:
That's watch snobbery talking. Miyota make some of the best automatic movements around today. They just don't have the name cache of ETA and similar Swiss movements. But they are a robust and reliable movement. I've had watches with the 9015 movement before and they performed better than any of my ETAs.
Well fitting chinos usually look quite nice with a blue/navy sport coat I've found.
Yes, Citizen owns Miyota, which makes a HECK of a lot of automatic movements found in a great many watches that can no longer source ETA movements, and many micro watch brands that may not be able to afford ETA movements in the first place. One of the best and most robust auto movements out there right now that isn't hugely expensive (though Miyota have recently greatly increased their prices, so I'm told).
Not cheesy at all, mimo:
How goes the monogramming testing? Any pics yet to share?
^ Levitating? It's sitting inside the watch bracelet, which is why it's lifted up at the bottom end. Was a present years ago. A Mont Blanc pen, so I assume a pen store in Sydney somewhere.
And here's mine again
+1Like a lot of things, a united Europe was good in theory, and possibly in initial practice, but perhaps what it's become today isn't what was once promised.
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