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Frilly's back, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I personally prefer a darker shade of green (or blue or whichever colour in question other than black).
Yeah, agreed. This is fashioned after the 1953 Sub, which appealed to me (as a Sub beater).
I wish I could take better photos, though.
I'm happy with my low cost SD
That's cool. Each to their own.
The bracelet is very sturdy, nice and thick and strong. The watch overall looks like it should cost double what it does. Quality is very high, machining of the case is outstanding for the price.I've known plenty of divers over the years that use steel watches when they dive or snorkel. Besides, most people that wear dive watches these days don't dive at all (myself included), so the weight of the piece underwater isn't an issue for them. For me, if I look down at my wrist...
I've had three watches from Borealis over the years. I can highly recommend their quality.
The Borealis Sea Storm (an upcoming watch available for pre-order) is also their take on the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Looks pretty good, too.
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