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This might be an option for watch cleaning - www.hirschstraps.com/collections/tools/products/heli-professional-watch-strap-bracelet-cleaning-kit
Here's a Cali-dyle watch that might interest you - Rebelde.
My twill shirts are perfectly fine. Not too thin at all.
Poor man's Explorer 1 here: Goes well with my poor man's Sea Dweller methinks:
Beautiful collection there, @Andy57. Thanks so much for sharing.
^ The wrong point IMO.
+1 dopey thread name.
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that travesty. Or a smart watch, too, come to that.
Yeah, he didn't seem uncomfortable with the boy at all. Far from it.
Oscar Hunt would be a good place to start for many people, Gino, including possibly you. There's an OH thread here somewhere. Check it out if you haven't already done so.
New Posts  All Forums: