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Superb article, Andrew. Immensely enjoyable!
They use an address on Savile Row that nearly all regional tailors use when coming in to London. Their main office is in the city (23 Birchin Lane London), they also have an office on Canary Wharf, so my pointing them out as non-Savile Row is valid and you should look them up! Your list is inadequate.
Add Cad & the Dandy to that list.
^ You're making me want that Sub, Frilly
Then you're a douche!If you like a watch, buy it and wear it and dress better than those you mention. What anyone else does isn't your concern.
Very well, thank you. Hope the same for you and yours (especially over the Easter break ).
^ Make sure to show it off, Cox.
Who cares?! If it's a watch you like, then get one and wear one. I couldn't care less how many others might be wearing it. That's just silly!
New Posts  All Forums: