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Lovely colour on those, my good man.
^ Lovely box and watches there, tricky. Very nice indeed.
Thank you my good man.The closest I have to a blue/black combo watch befitting the character
Coxy's right. Next to no one cares about quality tailored clothing, or how their clothes fit, here in Australia. Those days are, sadly, long gone for most, though I doubt Australia is unique in this respect.
Great to have you back, Unc. This thread has picked up again thanks to you
Absolutely superb, Roger. I'm stunned by that pair of yours. Beautiful!
Some beautiful shots the last couple days. If only I was home, I could take a shot of my SubC and Omega SMP together (the latter is the closest I have to a Speedie). Maybe I'll try and take a pic tomorrow or the next day. Subs in safes is just insane. They're meant to be used, they're meant to be worn. So wear them, just about everywhere.
The website is back up and running - www.greatclothes.cn/
You're already supposed to be in an El Nino situation, at least that's what meteorologists here in Australia are saying. I'm not seeing any evidence of this, though, at least not here on the east coast of Australia, where it's raining fairly regularly off and on (El Nino in Australia means lack of rain and the opposite for the west coast of America).
New Posts  All Forums: