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Well said, LA Guy. I understand what you mean and where you're coming from.
Thanks guys
Gorgeous shoes there.
^ Thanks mate. Appreciate the valuable input.
Thanks Kap/Stitchy
^ Thanks, Dino. I highly value your opinion. I've already got the Omega pictured above, but intend to also get the Explorer 1 pictured above. I guess I just wanted to know which provides the more versatility to wear all throughout the year in different forms of dress, season etc.
There are plenty of threads talking about Cad & the Dandy here on the forum. Look them up.
It's a good looking watch. I don't mind the faded dial, but I'm not sure about the green lettering.
Just a quick question, as I want to gauge the expert opinions here. Which is the more versatile watch, do you think, of the two watches below (not my photos)? I'm curious to hear...
There's that beauty again
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