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^ Doesn't look appealing to me, but we're all different
^ That's beautiful, Crusty.
+1I've always felt that a man's "jewelry" should be minimal at all times. A watch and a wedding ring (if one is married, a signet ring [not on the pinky!] if one is not) should be the limit IMHO. I do not like the look of pinky rings, bracelets/beads, necklaces, straps etc. etc. All just looks icky and tasteless to me, but YMMV.I once considered a signet ring, but then I got married and thusly wear a wedding ring instead. Anything more would detract from it IMO, and that...
Yes, I preferred the size and dial numerals on the 36mm for a long time, and photos of both just re-emphasised that for me. However, in the flesh, the 39mm looks much better than in photos. Oh well, food for thought, I suppose.
^ Indeed. And you pulled it off nicely.
Channeling your inner VictorSF I see there, Coxy. All looks good, though.
^ Of course, there's still the 36mm...
^ Indeed, Frilly. I always preferred the 36mm version, but now I'm not so sure.
Beautiful selection. I'm actually warming to the 39mm Explorer after (finally) seeing it in person. Hmm...
Capetown is an excellent store. I've bought there. Great communication and customer service.
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