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It's the dial that kills that watch, no question.
You really have to wonder what Rolex was thinking with that new Air-King. I can understand if they wanted to further differentiate it from looking like the old OPs or Explorers, but this? *shakes my head*
That's one of Rolexes few misses for mine. A pretty ugly looking watch in truth, I find.
Incoming PMW dive watch. More soon...
I commute 4 hours a day (2 hours to work and 2 back again). I've been doing that for the majority of the last 23 years. You get used to it, you can do productive things on the train journey and my lifestyle is greatly improved by living outside Sydney while still being close enough to it to take advantage of its virtues (like watch boutiques ).
The BB36 is a great watch. I've more or less yet to take it off in the last 3 months.
Which 36mm watch to go for? You know my answer
Kent Wang sells logo less dress watches.
So much love here lately for 34-36mm watches...nice
And me. I use my phone to call, text, check my email. I use my watch to tell time.
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