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There are several watch manufacturers headquartered in Glasshütte. It really is Germany's Jura.
Overgenerous, @Journeyman? Maybe, but I was talking of people on this forum mainly that have/may have spoken about being jealous. Obviously outside this forum I'm sure there are many after such a patina for the reasons you describe. The way I see it as similar to why people buy antiques. There are many reasons why they buy, many aspects they love with what they've bought, but one of them undoubtedly is the item's story, its history. It isn't their history, but they want...
^ I think people who are jealous at time worn watches are jealous that they haven't had the same watch themselves over many years and time worn it themselves to the same degree. I think that's what they mean by being jealous.
I watch the show mostly to see the English countryside and parts of the country's history. The clothes aren't too bad either
23C here south of Sydney today, but we had a southerly change come through late yesterday. Was over 30C prior to the change.
Superb, Cleav my friend, and love those locations shots as well. Really like your shots as well, DonCologne. Lovely Davosa watch, too.
Nonsense! The Brioni suits looked great on DC, while the Ford stuff looks awful from start to finish on DC.
^ I wouldn't mind an answer to your question, too, Boston.
+1 EliodA. Jany Temime (the costume designer of Skyfall and Spectre) is doing an awful job in suiting Craig as Bond. Lindy Hemming did a far better job as Bond's previous costume designer IMO.
Nothing wrong with a Pelagos. Very solid choice IMO.
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