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^ Thanks, mate. That on you posted probably has the better caliber, though. Of the two you pictured, that one would be my choice.
^^ I love ATs, Betel, but I prefer the previous version of that watch as I've spoken about earlier in this thread. Still a great watch, though.
+1 again.
+1 well said.
+1Fit isn't the best either. Looks like it came off the rack from Lowes, let alone David Jones. Sorry spectre, but you've failed there.
Trolls, clearly.+1Thank you.He's now on mine, too.
I like my watches to have a certain weight to them, especially the sportier watches, but any watch needs to have a little heft to it at least. It's nice to feel it there, on the wrist. I like that feeling.
A bit rumpled late yesterday after a packed train ride home:
Here's a nice Citizen, with a solar powered battery. Can't go wrong with this one:http://www.seiyajapan.com/collections/divers-collections/products/c-bn0101-58e
+1 I get mine there too.Great stuff.
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