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Love is the best excuse, mimo The fat lugs aren't even noticeable on the wrist. They just blend in with the watch as a whole. They fit, they work. I love the tapered bracelet as well and Glidelock is a work of art.
You know, I was originally thinking of getting the previous version of the Sub, as I thought the chunky lugs would bother me (which they kind of did in some online photos). On the wrist, however, I don't even notice the wider lugs. Seriously, it's a complete non issue now. Today
Excellent article, Matt.
Work of art there, my good man (and it's been pouring here in Australia for two days straight! ). I think this is now my favourite watch!
^ Shouldn't that ring be on her finger then? All joking aside, congrats on the engagement, man. Well done, sir!
I wish superb was a good enough word to describe this. I love it!
Double post, sorry.
Oh yes! This watch isn't going anywhere!! It's become grafted to my wrist since I got it
I'm sure Brendon will chime in here himself, but here's a post he made here on StyleForum in 2012 talking about his experience. I've quoted him exactly: "Experience is 10 plus years with Made to Measure and 18 years part and full time training as a Bespoke tailor and Cutter under an ex Savile Row Tailor.( part of those 18 years during made to measure time). Unfortunately to roughly quote someone from Gieves and Hawkes in London, " after 35 years of bespoke I am still...
Sorry, you still look like you stepped out of an episode of Downton Abbey. Today as much as yesterday. That's not a criticism; it's a compliment. Not very many people today could pull that look off, but you do and do it very well indeed. I consider you one of the very best dressed on Style Forum. My hat's off to you.
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