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I prefer Oyster bracelets, especially Rolex Oyster bracelets, which just look so nice. Jubilees can work on occasions, but a Rolex Oyster will always be king IMO.
I need a new phone after looking at those pics. Just superb.
That's a relief. I'm often in the same boat as you Great Sub there as well, @Mr. Moo. Really super watch!
^ It's much the same here in Australia, Jazz. Most well dressed people, even those wearing bespoke/MTM clothing, still wear atrocious shoes.
Has the Mrs since approved this purchase?
^ I'm not.
You're right, mimo. It is a very fine looking watch for the price.
^ Well written, mimo. Without having a watch myself, I tend to agree with you with what I can see/have read about the watch. I tend to think, for this type of watch, it needs to be (slightly) smaller in size and have the added features (Selitta movement, sapphire crystal, a wooden box and a thick leather strap) that mimo brings up.
Those watches look really good, Vincero, but I wish you had some smaller versions. 42mm for a watch that is all dial is just a bit too large for that style of dress aesthetic watch. I know bigger is the fashion today, but even so.
^ It certainly is a shock.
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