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^ Don't like. There's plenty better to be had at that price. Check out the Poor Man's Watch thread here on Style Forum for just those sorts of watches.
^ +1
+1 more rubbish from Tom Ford.
It's been decided, some time ago, that $1,000 would be the cut off for the PMW thread. Omegas are never PMW's.
Gorgeous watch! Keep 'em coming
^ Sub all the way!
Good morning chaps. Spending this fine morning with a couple of friends: And with mini cupcakes:
That's just perfect, man. Wonderful purchase! More pics please...
Dang! I'll have to take a new pic this week then, probably with another superhero and coffee to accompany it (or maybe a pen!)
I think I've just passed that six week point (or thereabouts) with my Sub
New Posts  All Forums: