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I just checked...the original Kickstarter funding campaign failed (badly), but a new one was launched with far more modest goals and that has succeeded. Like the market needed another erstaz quartz watch
Looks like funding for this failed. Doesn't surprise me actually.
There's a million of these around, some of them even appear here on SF telling us how great their product is, how unique it is etc. etc. It almost never is.
The type of watch that the BB36 (or Rolex Explorer) is, at least IMO, only works at a max. size of 39mm, 36-38 being the sweet spot for the majority of wrists. Those style of watches wear larger due to the size of the dial and the (usually) narrower bezel. So, that type of watch in 41mm? Heck no, not for me, way too big IMO.
I'm 6'1" and the fit of the BB36 was/is spot on for me, but I do have quite narrow wrists admittedly. Still, Jon Hamm from Mad Men (a pretty big fella) wore the 36mm Explorer in one season of that show and I never thought it looked too small on him. Ah well, we're all different.
They've recently changed the Chr.Ward back to Christopher Ward on the watch dials, but the new font and layout (at the 9 o'clock position on the dial) is crappy.
Haven't used Schweizer so can't say. It took awhile for him to service/repair my wife's Rolex a couple years back but I think his schedule varies depending on certain factors. Wasn't just a service, so the price was higher but not overtly so (I'd need to scout for the receipt to give you an exact price). I'll have a few pieces requiring servicing soonish, so I can update at that time if you like.
I recommend Thomas Czibula in Sydney (, next door to J. Farren Price.
Prices go up everywhere, so why not there? Still excellent value, as the tailoring is very good. I've had several suits and sport coats made by Amy at C&G over the years.
The occasional dud appears even from the very best.
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