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TM Lewin in Sydney, perhaps?
^ Doesn't look appealing to me, but we're all different
^ That's beautiful, Crusty.
+1I've always felt that a man's "jewelry" should be minimal at all times. A watch and a wedding ring (if one is married, a signet ring [not on the pinky!] if one is not) should be the limit IMHO. I do not like the look of pinky rings, bracelets/beads, necklaces, straps etc. etc. All just looks icky and tasteless to me, but YMMV.I once considered a signet ring, but then I got married and thusly wear a wedding ring instead. Anything more would detract from it IMO, and that...
Yes, I preferred the size and dial numerals on the 36mm for a long time, and photos of both just re-emphasised that for me. However, in the flesh, the 39mm looks much better than in photos. Oh well, food for thought, I suppose.
^ Indeed. And you pulled it off nicely.
Channeling your inner VictorSF I see there, Coxy. All looks good, though.
^ Of course, there's still the 36mm...
^ Indeed, Frilly. I always preferred the 36mm version, but now I'm not so sure.
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