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just wanted to say I am wearing these exact jeans right now and they have been my fave for about 2 years. GREAT denim.
Hi all, I've decided to part with my CvsF. I'm sure you know the story on these. I wore them quite a bit in the first year or so and they've barely been touched since then. They've been cold rinsed twice I believe. I had the "grundleholes" patched as soon as I got them and the job looks great and has held up just fine. They're size 31 and I would say I sized down 2 to get there, when I probably should have sized down 1. 31 in APC NS fit larger than these. See photos...
I think you've hidden it in such a way that we can't tell was that her argument?
aww best of luck! maybe some day in the future we will see your name on our clothes again
Quote: Originally Posted by th0rbahn got the weird guy blacks today. pretty great and here they are excuse cuff bunching and belt/boot mismatch
got the weird guy blacks today. pretty great
I guess N&F have Weird Guys in black selvedge now too? (did they not before?) decisions
hmm, I wear 31 in NS and that's slim but not skinny on me, I was thinking I might need 33 in these since my waist measures 34, but maybe it would be 32 instead, given the post just made before mine.
haha.. that's cool and I love Aoki. unfortunately not in the budget
size on the shirt? mostly interested in pit to pit and shoulder to end of cuff sleeve measurements.
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