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I had a Mustang when I played in a wanna-be Pavement band. Dat shit horrible.
Strats have always been the de facto rock guitar (along with LP's), but mainstream rock has diminished the last 10 years and been replaced by indie/alternative which favors the Tele for a number of reasons (the ironic "primitive ugliness", not being as popular, the desire for a bright twinkly sound).Honestly, I want to love my telecaster, but I just play my strat more. The back body cut makes a big difference, and the only tone I really dig on the Tele is bridge.
New York is wasted on New Yorkers.
Go Bears.LA traffic sucks because a huge swath of its important areas have either no reasonable freeway access (looking at you 405, westside) or no freeway access at all. Basically everything from Century City east to Ktown has to be traversed by surface streets which can't handle the amount of cars in the region.
I'll start applying for jobs in the area then. I have no aversion to living in an unflashy place or having multiple roommates as long as it's within my means, public transportation accessible, and not life threatening. I mean shit, I already do that living in Oakland and commuting to SF for work.
So I'm fresh out of college, no UG debt, some savings (around 5k), a car I could sell for 15k and have a year, maybe two to kill before grad school. I've lived in California all my life and want a change of scenery. Can I live okay on 40k (pre-taxes)? I hardly buy clothes anymore, eat fairly frugally and don't spend much when I go out.
Any reqs for a good pilsner or light lager? Something crisp and easy to plow down multiple bottles while watching sports. I like both Trumer Pils and Prima Pils quite a bit. Wow lol.
How do you figure?
A true American hero.
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