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Big fan of Lacoste and Burberry here.
So are we talking Average Joe is comparable to Diesel's Zathan? (hide)
Edwardo's Natural Pizza - CHICAGO, IL - the only city where good pizza is served.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque I use a french press for tea, since I don't drink coffee. When I do have a cup, it's usually Vietnamese coffee. How do you make Vietnamese coffee? I love getting it at Viet places.
I'm going to go against the Most Holy SF Doctrine(tm) and say that I like some KC shoes for casual-ish wear. But, I don't like your point. I needed a pair of dress shoes. I -could- have bought some KCs for $150-$200. Or some Cole Haans. But instead, I saved up more from my work/study on campus job (I was already saving for the KCs) and bought AEs for the $300ish they were. Could I have found a bargain? I'm not sure. Wearing a size other than "D" makes that harder. By...
I ended up not getting it. Too quick fading for the price. I liked Dior Homme and Terre D'Hermes a lot, though....
I bought my g/f a Coach bag recently. Maybe it's the college student thing - when I see the really sophisticated and high end evening bags and the like, I don't see a college student's bag. I bought her one of the logo print bags that is black on black - it doesn't look trashy and possibly fake like the classic camel logo prints that everyone on campus totes around. The black on black printing is very subtle. I like it. Ron: Chav-ing is doing what chavs did to Burberry...
I like DSquared. People here will be quick to call me a label whore or whatever. I also like Diesel and Burberry a lot. /shrug DSquared is VERY hit or miss with me - I like some of their shoes,some of their tops that aren't really obscene, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Their sailor line this year is CRACKING me up. I can't believe anyone would pay $400 for those tacky red/white/blue polos. The buyer at Sak's chicago found the worst of it too....some of the stuff at Scoop is at least decent-looking, if overpriced. I *saw* those! Saks Chicago usually gets it right, but WOW.
I like Express' shirts that are NOT their "stretch" fabric, that stuff SUCKS.
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