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Wow im surprised this watch is still for sale. I have owned this watch for about a month or 2 now and i must say it is one of the best watches i have owned so far. Very accurate and great fro those of you who travel alot. 2 seperate timezones is great when i was in asia and still keeping time over in holland. Quality is also very good for the Citizen and at this price nothing on the market beats it as far as i am concerned. Great watch at an even greater price guys! just...
PM sent!
denk beide
Pm Send. Dont touch people...these baby's are mine:slayer: Kevin
Truly a killer knife! For whoever buy's these.. make sure u know how to use them!! If i may just one warning with knives this hard. Dont use them for chopping or trying to carve through bones. They can break that way. Other wise these knifes have made my cokking skills better than ever! And of course a free bump since... well..look at him...he's holding a knife.
And since TopFlite is owned by Callaway Golf its a very decent set to start with Specialy at this price! And a free bump for our favorite seller
wtf is up with the spammers al of a sudden?? Nice pair of headphones wich are worn by he best dj in the world from the second best country in the world!!! ( heh cant beat LA ) Kevin
Cant help but giving these killer suede boots a free bump Any chance u can hold them back for a few months so i can save up the money ? Still as always, awesome stuf!!! Kevin
pm sent on the Paul Smith scarf Kevin
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