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Great Price!! pm'd #52
Good buying experience with Scoundrel. Very good communication. Quality item. Fast ship. Easy to work with.
Thanks for the order. Hell, at these prices, I can still dress well, even if it's just to mow the lawn.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi could you comment on whether the C&J 9.5E fits more of a 10 US or a 10.5 US? i'd read some conflicting info lately... I just a received a new pair of C&J Weymouth,s. All the C&J size charts I have found, suggest that UK size, Ewidth is 1/2 size lower than US size D width. That worked for me I am a solid 10.5D US and 44EU in most every shoe. I ordered a 10E/UK in this shoe and they fit perfectly. There is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi that can't be cheap. Must be one of the lesser deities. I can't quite picture Zeus, Aphrodite, or Hermes with an iron. Is there one called "Clotho" or "Creasisus". .
pm sent for #9. The 32" crowd is a tough bunch to compete with. Thanks,
Single 22 years. Married 32. Kid for 11. Kind of like cooking. Some nights you cook a meal and it just sucks . The next night dinner is about best thing you've ever put in your mouth. So far, I still get hungry and still look forward to dinner.
London. Better Shoes.
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