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Only been around for a couple of years and a couple thousand dollars from B&S, but let me say, again, how great the new site is. It is SO much easier to navigate specific topics and particularly items for sale. Much more information on a page, sale items are not constantly getting bumped out of order, moderators are not droning on about who broke the rules, and snarky remarks seem to be down (in B&S anyway) by a significant percentage. As far as similarities to...
Been away for a while. I'm mostly B&S. Kind of a shock. Adjusted in about 10 minutes. Much easier to get around. Love that can search categories and not have to plow through a bunch of stuff I am not interested in. Problem is when I click on a listing within category, and then hit back button, it takes me out of category and back to general sales, so I have to start all over again. Great job, Thanks, Looking forward to exploring all the other forum categories.
Vass drool on the chukkas..Damn my 10.5 peasant narrow or snug can do.
This is sock crack. Just received my 6, but already NEED MORE. Thanks
Rec'd the white Mabi's from your last batch. Great feel, light, no see-thru. Perfect fit, lots of detail. Fast ship/pm. Thanks. Let summer begin.
I have the ostrich claw belt. Stunning pattern, great quality, incredibly simple to size for a perfect fit. Someone should snap that up.
Fantastic selection... So much for NY's rez
Speaking of good old Clarks. Wait 'til Fall09 and the choices recall those bad acid trips from the 70's.
C&J's fit my feet so well, I have a predisposition to like them. The Tetbury's are on my short term buy list and IMO are the most elegant. As an aside, I have not purchased from Pediwear, but have had very good luck with Robert Old. They take Paypal, and ship to US for free. Very good customer service, as well. I believe the Tetburys are the same price: But what I really want to know is where to get...
Hey, However entertaining this is for the silent majority, could you bunch of dicks quit bitching and get back to selling the crap out of your closet so the rest of us will have something to buy. AnGel... is obviously a class act for not having entered this fray. Not that that matters. I'll buy from an a-hole, "whiny bitch", "retard", pussy, or whoever as long as they have good shit at a ridiculously low price. And thanks to this thread, ("no press is bad press")...
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