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I dont think they are too big. What I noticed is that people on the styleforum site have a certain viewpoint on things, that 99% of the population out in public doesnt.
Those that own these sunglasses. I know everyone on this forum says to get the 52mm, not the 54. The problem is the arms on the 52mm dont appear long enough on anyone that I see wearing them. They tend to float at the ear instead of resting on the ear. Does anyone else notice this as well?This image shows what I mean. Notice where the arm ends, it doesnt go behind the ear, it looks like its barely clinging on. Is that how it should be? I tried on the 52mm at sunglass hut...
i have bought two suits myself from indochino and am very happy. the jacket looks long to me. indochino suits tend to favor shorter jackets lengths, did you ask them to make it longer? yours look fine.
well, since my chest is 35" i made the shirt chest measurement be 38". i think the tightness has to do with the armhole being too small. oh well, lesson learned for next time!
i have been ordering some dress shirts from moderntailor. i do the method where i provide specific measurements not off my body, but off a shirt. they do a good job making them to the right specs. but here is my question, if the shirt is too tight underneath my armpits, where if I hold my arms straight out in front of me and the fabric gets tight and pulls under my arms. does this mean my chest measurement is too small? the reason i ask is i recently increased my half...
wow, i didnt think I was going to unleash all this. the pant legs arent skin tight, just a little fitted, actually perfect imo as they arent loose, but arent tight either. the waist was made to match my waist exactly, so it gets a little tight when i tuck a shirt in. in hindsight, the tailor should have made the pants waist a little bigger. when i tuck in a regular dress shirt, its not too bad, but when i tuck in a thicker, herringbone shirt, it gets a little more snug.
Quote: Originally Posted by [savage] No. They should be as tight as possible. If anything have them taken in by half and inch to an inch. You should only ever be able to zip up your dress pants while laying down on the floor and sucking in your gut. ????
I have a pair of slim fitting dress pants and the waist of the pants pretty much contours my waist perfectly to the point where i dont even need to wear a belt (but do anyways as an accessory). Here is my problem, when i tuck a dress shirt into the pants, it becomes harder to zip up. So should I add an inch or 1/2 inch to the waist of the pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by GloStiX Looks good, only complaint I'd have is the pant legs seem a little too baggy for how snug your jacket is. Does Indochino allow you to give special instructions in addition to them just plugging your numbers into an algorithm? Then one could avoid the adjustments and save the cost/time of ordering a second suit. "I want my pants skintight with purple sequins" The picture is a little misleading, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by CJG_NYC UPDATE: I just measured my jacket. The length is actually 1+" shorter than the measurement I provided indochino. I am going to contact them about a remake. I always thought that its better for a gentleman on the shorter side to have a jacket that isnt as long in length. I'm 5'8" and I am pleased with the length of the jacket for my suit, it seems to stop at the bottom of my pants zipper.
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