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dark whiskey as requested...
Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy spice table in little tokyo is insanely good. bone marrow, pig tail, chopped liver, laksa, chicken wings all fantastic definitely good to hear that since my homie works there!
honda cb400ss and yamaha sr400 would be a good start if you can find them outside Japan.
looks good chunkmo!
the mandarin was really nice but i did prefer the ritz carlton. maybe it was the bathroom layout and those hexagon windows over looking the bay but all the above recommendations should be quite solid nonetheless.
pm sent!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Are they really that much cheaper there, or are you just buying really shitty cigarettes? Cigs here in Korea are just cheap and that includes Philip Morris, BAT and the local KT&G. I've been smoking dunhills for a while now.
Supposedly sing air has some good looking women
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy what I learned is "paying for sex" is more acceptable in some cultures/countries than others. This definitely applies to asia! And yes, i have done my fair share of mongering here!
+1 on koh samui
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