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LOT #1 - SILK navy one marked "100% Silk Made in Italy" and handstitched red one recently purchased italian silk but unbranded 2 silk squares from Banana Republic (green/grey & purple) $40 shipped LOT #2 2 vintage cotton squares (blrown & blue) 2 modern checked squares (pink & green) $30 shipped Lot #3 - Vintage Cotton/Linen 6 vintage handkerchiefs - all white pack of 3 vinatage Arrow cotton handkerchiefs 1 loose vitange cotton handkerchief of similar...
Brooks Brothers Tweed Overcoat Black/Grey Herringbone 100% New Wool Tweed from Scotland I'm the original owner. Purchased new from a retail location. It's a very nice, warm Robert Noble tweed. It's got a zip in vest that has a high collar to block out wind on extra cold days. Otherwise, it zips out. It's got tons of pockets including SF HOF feature, the ticket pocket. I bought this right around the time i quit my 9-5 and stopped dressing up much so it has only come out...
The Merrells are basically an imported knockoff of the Danners.. i've got Mountain Lights and i think they may never wear out. Seriously well made (in the US). although i probably wouldn't wear them as fashion statement, i love the way they look and don't hesitate to recommend them for backpacking and in-climate weather. they are one solid piece of leather (even the tongue) and are totally re-craftable.
anybody wearing Duck Boots this winter? Thinking of picking up a pair but not sure what's out there.. i like the Sorel Premium Ts and the regular LL Bean 10"ers. just wondering if anybody else is making them that i should pay attention to.
Last season's Brooks Bros White Suede Bucs, Size 10 D with trees. Worn twice. Excellent condition. impossible to keep flawless.. got a couple small smudges that were removed via the eraser trick. 9/10 asking $80 shipped.
So here's the story. I've been an SF-er for a while. I was a chlothes horse already but it got worse has i read all the threads here. I got into thrifting and shopping like crazy. I was working in an office and wore a shirt and tie everyday. It was a great life. i had alot of fun. Then, i decided to start my own business. life got better. i'm doing what i love everyday and life is good. the business has been doing really well and i'm really happy. but i guess i just...
i've always had luck with Rugby... mostly shirts. very slim fitting with longer than avarage arms in the smaller sizes. just like you would with any brand, you'll have to pick and choose because not everything they make is quality or tasteful. would like to try some of their pants but fear they may be too slim for me.
If you really use the stuff you learn to pick and choose the stuff because many brands make good stuff but none head-to-toe. i like Danner for boots (mountian light IIs), patagonia and outdoor research for clothes, arcteryx for packs. orvis or patagonia for fly-fishing stuff. ll bean and barbour for non-technical outdoor stuff. but i've got stuff from most of the major manufacterers.
well, for $20 you can have a pair of selvedge jeans with a custom top botton. that's a pretty damn good deal still. i've been wearing my Tapereds for about a week straight. they softened up pretty quickly and have streched slightly in the thigh and waist. i didn't take measurements to being with so not sure how much has changed. they went from not very comfortable to pretty comfortable. that's all i was hoping for. they bleed alot of indigo. i'm a little worried about my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Peter1 The frustrating thing is for, say, $5 more they could have used top quality hardware. pretty picky for $10 jeans.
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