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Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney Physically in Tower Bridge but mentally in Sloane Square. Thanks for the great responses. I happen to like the cut of the shirt collar and the suit a lot. Does Hackett offer MTM shirts and suits? Does the cut look contrived? Or maybe the model just happens to have a good build? It's a handsome suit, but is likely to be pinned at the back so is perhaps not quite contrived, just a bit exaggerated...
:O such curious but beautiful shoes, Georges!
ooh very nice suit! I really really like it! I need to get myself to Hong Kong soon. Regards
Quote: Originally Posted by jmatt i have to give props where they're due: My shirts appear to have been shipped within hours of Maverick stopping by Jantzen for me. The shirts ARRIVED TODAY!!!!! Thanks Maverick! And - Thanks Jantzen!! When I got my shirts, I remembered why I use Jantzen. I may even take so,me pics after I wash and iron the shirts. Fabrics feel nice, look nice, and construction of course is great. :0 :0 er.. hehe,...
right, so Jantzen have probably forgotten all about my order placed around 2 months ago. So i've decided to get one from Ascot Chang instead. To those who have used their online services: (1) are the collars and cuffs unfused? (2) to those who have used Jantzen as well: how does Chang's "medium" collar stiffness compare to Jantzens "Regular" interlining? (3) I have a 36" chest. I don't quite understand their "body size" section. Surely this doesn't mean the...
clownmitts, do you really think french cuffs are flashy? You've obviously worn them with ease before. Don't let anyone make you feel awkward wearing them. Regards
Quote: Originally Posted by creat3cp start with me, I got 3 pairs but usally I rotate 2 of my favourites. There other one only worn on wedding dinner. u? About 15. creat3cp, nice blog. How about posting less toggle-back cufflinks, and more double sided?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I love this picture: Armholes are perhaps too large. And is that? ... toggle back cufflinks I see?!?!?
zjpj83, I'm loving the EG 202's. The colour looks marvelous. And after seeing those JL chelseas... well, I think I might get some myself!
Definately a suit coat. And he doesn't look good in it with the jeans. Regards
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