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The laces on my #8 tankers snapped after about a month of wear. (awesome) anyone have a suggestion for a durable, preferably waxed, replacement? and has anyone every tried pairing a lighter colored lace, like beige, with a darker colored shell boot and have pics they could show? TIA
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by framus And for you Cordovan fans, here's my watch with a cordovan strap. Regards. where did you get the strap? do they make a #8 or similar one?
pics added
Quote: Originally Posted by allvira These are looking good. Actually, its the problematic case for me to select a gift for someone special. I always get down in that case. Really I am little bit choosy among the gift selection for the special one. You've shown all gifts for a lady but what if the case is opposite to that? I mean to say what should be the gift option for a man? Anyways, if I were be in same I'd prefer to buy a ring means a commitment......
Quote: Originally Posted by stylar Also, where can I get a legit grey Sterlinwear pea coat? i'm going to hazard a guess and say Sterlingwear
Quote: Originally Posted by monkay haha thanks. take a guess (no pun intended), you won't. $99
Quote: Originally Posted by monkay Haha I got a little excited and buttoned it the other way. Will take another tomorrow. It's made by Guess. First person to guess how much it was wins a cookie. probably too much. (just messin with you, welcome to the forum)
I have a new pair of Salt Optics conrad glasses i'd like to sell. These do not include a case/cloth, but are completely new, still have the blank lenses that read "SALT" in them. from salts site: http://www.saltoptics.com/detail.php...id=1&orderby=4 pics: color is asphalt gray. they're really sharp and great quality, but i ordered them online and they just don't work on my face. retail is from $285 - $350 online and in stores, am asking SOLD...
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