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Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 What about those whom are simply into clothing as a hobby they enjoy? The people whom frequent this forum clearly posses an attitude well outside of mainstream society with respect to clothing, so to apply your sage wisdom to the posters here seems naive at best. People still have to live with the clothing in the real world so merely gaining "SF approval" really does not cut it, especially when most SF accepted looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue must be an llbean copy writer; reminds me of the description from a peterman catalog. Quote: Originally Posted by snake I'm aware that many affluent baby boomers dress this way, but lolwut Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Uh, LL Bean may "look cheap" to you, but in many contexts the message is actually "I'm fucking loaded." A pair of cheap LL Bean shorts or...
Quote: Originally Posted by kalanigee Horween's blog has a few interesting looking PTBs in chromexcel. I'm kind of digging the natural. http://horween.wordpress.com/2010/02...n-toe-blucher/ // natural sex
hideai. Quote: Originally Posted by shaftoe New Aldens? Link Yuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp This was recently posted in the SW shoes and boots thread by konadog...it's a japanese site that offers crazy re-sole options on Alden and other boots. It's well worth checking out for the pics: http://hukurokuju.com/blog/alden_repair/ gross.
on the bay http://cgi.ebay.com/Canon-SC-DC60A-c...%3D4%26ps%3D63
this is the retro style case for the G10 that for some reason is unavailable in the USA. I had a friend pick it up for me when he was in japan (still has the price tag on the box) I sold my G10 and now no longer need the case i've never seen anyone with one here in the states, a really cool way to protect your g10 comes with box in like new condition $30 shipped (cont us)
more photos, price drop
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