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It did take awhile for them to get the job done, but yes, they are very good about fixing problems . Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man Nice boots. You bought the boots in Feb, Alden did all that to fix your boots for you. Impressive!
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when you make the request you're subscribing to a list, the email goes out about once a month Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Speaking of factory seconds from ShoeMart...do they really email you guys back? From what I've been told, you send them an email requesting all of the seconds they have in your size and they will give you the prices and what they have. I've emailed them twice and never got a reply.
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These are the "hawaiian tankers" Leather soul came out with a few seasons back. they are 12D on the barrie last and are in #8 shell cordovan they are in slightly used condition and fresh off an alden factory restoration. history: I purchased these in feb of this year from Leather Soul. They were worn sparingly through winter here in new england and in april I noticed the welt stitch on one of the boots had come loose. they were finally sent into alden for a repair in...
the details: purchased about 4 months ago and worn moderately, but havent been abused. alden says this is normal due to "the leather stretching". they're shell, which i thought took longer to break-in than calf? anyone else experience anything like this? this is the second pair of alden boots in which i've had a stitch get loose relatively quickly. is it normal?
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Cobbler polished my nubuck boots from a while back without my permission when I gave them to him to reheel. I wasn't mad, and actually I like the change. Instead of a dark grey, it's more a jet black now. Looks like first gen W+H boots kind of. I think those look fine, but your cobbler is an imbecile.
Quote: Originally Posted by hooker4186 I've read through the thread but I can't remember if there's a consensus on where to look for replacement laces for Alden shoes/boots? Anyone have any positive recommendations? email alden and they will send you a pair. their customer service is good, but its a shame their laces are such crap.
preference for mechanical or quartz movement? regardless, i wouldn't spend over $200 on a quartz watch while i don't own a hamilton i really like some of them and they have a good reputation this one is great i'm also a big fan of the seiko black monster which is the perfect beater, everyday watch , IMO it can also be found for around $150 with a little patience
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