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this is the retro style case for the G10 that for some reason is unavailable in the USA. I had a friend pick it up for me when he was in japan (still has the price tag on the box) I sold my G10 and now no longer need the case i've never seen anyone with one here in the states, a really cool way to protect your g10 comes with box in like new condition $30 shipped (cont us)
more photos, price drop
I bought another pair of these in a different color soon after i received these and they quickly became a favorite. Still, i can't justify needing two pairs of them. I've worn these around 10 times, pics show the sole has hardly been worn down. plenty of life left in them. have been hit once with obenaufs, a couple faint scratches here and there, but in great condition. its hard to see in the photos i took, but these are unlined SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 My latest pick up. Basically a "Roy" shoe. Brown Chromexcel leather, natural reverse welt, plantation crepe sole. I have a decent amount of boots at this point so I wanted to find a casual shoe. These were the winners! Got them from Leffot in NYC. My wife and I ended up chatting with Steven for about two hours about shoes. His store is beautiful and his knowledge and selection of shoes is amazing. It was a...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 If I wear an 8 in Chucks what size should I get in Quoddy's? I think a size "learnhowtousethesearchfunction" would fit you very well. no disrespect, but seriously, 75% of the posts on this forum are people asking the same redundant sizing questions over and over again.
anyone have experience with the van last, specifically on a shell LHS? have read its recommended to size down 1/4 - 1/2 anyone with firsthand experience on how it fits relative to others would be greatly appreciated TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Does not compute. Rephrase as a redundant sizing question and try again. my bad. let me try again. hello, i want to buy a peacoat. i am X inches tall, wear a size X jacket should i buy X size? should i size one down?! should i size two down?!?! should i just learn how to use the goddamn "search this thread' function?!?!?!? SOMEONE PLESE HALP!!!111!
is the point of this thread to now just ask the same questions about sterlingwear coats over and over again?
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