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These are the "hawaiian tankers" Leather soul came out with a few seasons back. they are 12D on the barrie last and are in #8 shell cordovan they are in slightly used condition and fresh off an alden factory restoration. history: I purchased these in feb of this year from Leather Soul. They were worn sparingly through winter here in new england and in april I noticed the welt stitch on one of the boots had come loose. they were finally sent into alden for a repair in...
the details: purchased about 4 months ago and worn moderately, but havent been abused. alden says this is normal due to "the leather stretching". they're shell, which i thought took longer to break-in than calf? anyone else experience anything like this? this is the second pair of alden boots in which i've had a stitch get loose relatively quickly. is it normal?
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Cobbler polished my nubuck boots from a while back without my permission when I gave them to him to reheel. I wasn't mad, and actually I like the change. Instead of a dark grey, it's more a jet black now. Looks like first gen W+H boots kind of. I think those look fine, but your cobbler is an imbecile.
Quote: Originally Posted by hooker4186 I've read through the thread but I can't remember if there's a consensus on where to look for replacement laces for Alden shoes/boots? Anyone have any positive recommendations? email alden and they will send you a pair. their customer service is good, but its a shame their laces are such crap.
preference for mechanical or quartz movement? regardless, i wouldn't spend over $200 on a quartz watch while i don't own a hamilton i really like some of them and they have a good reputation this one is great i'm also a big fan of the seiko black monster which is the perfect beater, everyday watch , IMO it can also be found for around $150 with a little patience
kinda embarrassed to post this, but a model friend turned me onto this stuff and i swear by it. http://www.origins.com/templates/pro...UCT_ID=PROD275 definitely helps with the post hard weekend circles/puffiness
Quote: Originally Posted by premo I rock these in the summer and they are fucking awesome. Primo, and whoever else has these, is the toe patent leather and is the shoe itself very shiny or reflective? i saw these online and thought they had potential but not wanting something to flashy thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 The uppers on my Indy boots completely separated from the welt after a few wears in November (pictured in a previous thread). Alden 'fixed' them by pulling the ripped leather and resoling (after a lengthy delay for recrafting). Of course, now my boots are visually off-balance and are too tight across the vamp (which is why I like the roomy Trubalance last in E, in the first place). Anyway, given the lousy service...
Quote: Originally Posted by mechanical pencil Yeah, they're new from Alden of Carmel. Mmmmm, guess I should return them.... If i just dropped 4.5 bills on a pair of chukkas and they looked like that i wouldn't be happy. aldens QC is shameful lately. the "commando" soles on my boots are coming unstitched after just a month and a half of wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by mechanical pencil Hey all, I just got some new Alden chukkas in brown calf and the leather on the sides of the shoes seems really "wrinkled." Am I just being super picky or do these look kind of odd? did you buy those new? they should be smooth if new and unworn
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