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is the point of this thread to now just ask the same questions about sterlingwear coats over and over again?
welcome to the forum i can tell you that i normally wear a 12D and had a pair of 405's in 11.5d that i thought fit well, however that was with very thin dress socks which is what i was used to wearing. once i tried them with thicker wool socks (which i normally wear with my boots) they were tight on me. they ended up being defective and i returned them, so whether or not they would have loosened up i do not know as far as what you should bring to wear when trying...
double post
received emails today about 50% off winter collection items at Stel's in boston as well as 20% off at O'Connells
just received an email from them today about a 20% off winter sale. don't believe a code is needed Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey I am thinking of getting some Boat Shoes from O'Connell's. Does anyone know if they have any sales or discount codes. In the past they had a $50 off code, but I think it was for their 50th Anniversary.
yeah i don't know if its a function of the speed lace hooks or what, but these laces are garbage. i could prob get a replacement from where i purchased, but i'm worried it'll happen again not long down the line so i'm considering something other than OEM
The laces on my #8 tankers snapped after about a month of wear. (awesome) anyone have a suggestion for a durable, preferably waxed, replacement? and has anyone every tried pairing a lighter colored lace, like beige, with a darker colored shell boot and have pics they could show? TIA
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by framus And for you Cordovan fans, here's my watch with a cordovan strap. Regards. where did you get the strap? do they make a #8 or similar one?
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