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ideally new, but will consider used in good condition thank you
damn, that was fast. both have been sold thanks buyer and SF!
both are NWT from Saks very substantial ties that are perfect this time of year 1) Dark gray, 2.5 inches wide, Saks brand 100% wool made in the USA by Woolrich $SOLD 2) Navy and Cream plaid, 3 inches wide ,Saks brand 100% cashmere Made in USA $SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by Irving While in theory this may be some one-off between Erik Schedin and J.Press, I'd like to at least see if anyone can identify the maker or style of this hat. At first I thought it was a sized-down reshaped ivy cap, but after studying the proportions more and the fabric right above the brim, it appears more like a wool felt covered baseball cap. search google for a pub cap, its basically a more streamlined...
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Would this fall into the wack category? no, that would keep my dick so warm in winter
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon hes going to ruin WWM I dunno, some of these pieces are pretty fucking dope (some are also really wack)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades Some of his buttondown shirts are good, but I've handled a bunch of his shoes, the construction seems significantly worse than brands like Sperry with what shoes of his have you handled and observed this? I have two pairs of epaulet collabs (field boot, chukka) and I think they're great. The leather is supple/thick and they're very well constructed. The field boots esp - they've been through the worst of...
Size on the tassels??
PM'd on Filson...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robstrongo The square midnight blue laces may fit the bill, you just have to cut them to size. They've also got a bunch of other colors if you're feeling creative. thanks for the link
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