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Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Would this fall into the wack category? no, that would keep my dick so warm in winter
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon hes going to ruin WWM I dunno, some of these pieces are pretty fucking dope (some are also really wack)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades Some of his buttondown shirts are good, but I've handled a bunch of his shoes, the construction seems significantly worse than brands like Sperry with what shoes of his have you handled and observed this? I have two pairs of epaulet collabs (field boot, chukka) and I think they're great. The leather is supple/thick and they're very well constructed. The field boots esp - they've been through the worst of...
Size on the tassels??
PM'd on Filson...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robstrongo http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/leather.asp The square midnight blue laces may fit the bill, you just have to cut them to size. They've also got a bunch of other colors if you're feeling creative. thanks for the link
can anyone recommend a good source for replacement laces for quoddy bluchers? (ideally navy colored) the laces on a pair i recently purchased have snapped 4 times in just over a month and are now useless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peacoat That certainly is a reasonable explanation, with the fastening buttons being off center and the triangulation and all, but I have never had a problem with any of my coats getting out of alignment. Maybe someone with a looser fit might have that problem, and for them the inside button would a useful addition. not sure if all the sterlingwear models have that "keeper" button, but the navigator model I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mudhiker Come to think of it, my uniform issue double-breasted trench coat had the same button, and yes, we used it for keeping the whole kit squared-away. right, its just to hold everything in place. (at least thats what the rep at sterlingwear said when i bought mine)
Quote: Originally Posted by Vivek I'm looking for a cropped camel peacoat - does anyone know of any brands that have done one this season? sterlingwear makes a camel or tan colored peacoat, but how cropped are you looking for? peacoats are already pretty short...
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