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i think this was mentioned earlier in the thread but Sterlingwear is currently making 100% wool versions of the Navigator in Navy and Tan in addition to the black. (this may be true for the Authentic as well, but i'm not positive) they aren't on the sterlingwear website, but i can say with certainty that they exist, i just bought a 100% wool Navigator in Navy this week. Quote: Originally Posted by YoPete525 As several members have already...
+1 Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred People are obviously buying those workshirts as pieces of fashion. So are all those young college kids at Urban Outfitters who want to look like folky hip outdoorsy laborers. All I'm saying is that SA seems like overpriced OU stuff, and I assume OU gets crapped on in the SWD forum, and SA gets praised. I don't understand the inconsistency.
what is this a code for? Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 spring25 for extra 25% off
+1 wtf is a toque? (i now know, but still,wtf is a toque) Quote: Originally Posted by hobojones I misread the title as: Do people wear tongues?
I was going off of what was found here: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/jalana...ize/index.html after translating, the pic next to the grey sterlingwear says its covered with a "smooth satin lining" so i assumed its the navigator. however when scrolling down its saying M21 is the authentic so now i'm not sure whichever is shown in the pic is pretty fitted and I'm not sure the authentic would have such a trim look considering its fleece lined....
pretty sure its the Navigator Quote: Originally Posted by otc I am also wondering...its the 6-button but I have never seen that light gray color (and none of their real models wear them sized like that)
if you want a sterlingwear buy it from sterlingwear their customer service is great and you'll find more options from them direct than from an army surplus store Quote: Originally Posted by iroh Can someone please answer my question. Looking to buy a pea coat before winter starts.
more measurements added as requested
measurements added
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