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Quote: Originally Posted by Vivek I'm looking for a cropped camel peacoat - does anyone know of any brands that have done one this season? sterlingwear makes a camel or tan colored peacoat, but how cropped are you looking for? peacoats are already pretty short...
Quote: Originally Posted by zazaza wow, blackwatch (and i think all other colors) are 49.99 i dont know a thing about their quality but i love blackwatch and like peacoats sorry, its actually $37.49! robocopped
Quote: Originally Posted by Mudhiker Brooklyn Industries has a blackwatch peacoat that I am looking at. Sizing looks a bit strange (44 chest is a medium) and I dunno anything about the brand. The brown looks nice but is only available in very small or very large sizes. wow, blackwatch (and i think all other colors) are 49.99 i dont know a thing about their quality but i love blackwatch and like peacoats
Salt Booney Oiled Bark color w/ G15 polarized lenses 54-19-128 these are brand new in box, I really like them, but purchased sight unseen and they just don't fit my head. $SOLD my pictures make the frames seem much lighter than they are in person, SALTs pic is more accurate http://www.saltoptics.com/detail.php...id=2&orderby=2 let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking
tyrannosaurus rex penny loafers (no socks) 14th century french tapestry scarf william wallace's kilt shroud of turin whale foreskin trench aztec sundial Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Valentino overcoat Amicale scarf NM gloves Malo polo MB pant TB belt pp socks Prada penny loafers Burberry cologne Patek watch
Quote: Originally Posted by jet great cops no, not really thx, your opinion means the world to me no not really
really wanted to hold off from getting anything until after xmas and all the gifts for others were gotten, but sometimes you find deals too good to pass up. (in my case many times. i have problems) i rationalized these because its freezing (although this one is probably going back)
Quote: Originally Posted by hoozah click his signature link and stop being a dbag Hey bag, i did, and its a wonderful collection of really expensive and (mostly) poorly fitted clothing that has no place in SW&D p.s. the abercrombie jacket you copped is SWEET
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Valentino hoodie LP sweater NM scarf NM gloves Zegna pant Zegna belt Armani socks Gucci loafers Creed cologne Patek watch "What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Pictures only - no discussion (3.0)" what is so hard to understand about this? "gucci, armani, zenga, creed", ad nauseam. we're all so impressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by louie_jack6 Any word on how long it actually takes for Sterlingwear to deliver? I know it can be a while if the coat is out of stock, but I'm just wondering how long it took for your coats to arrive. I ordered mine yesterday and selected the USPS Priority shipping option. I'm just hoping it's here in time for Christmas because I'm heading back home where there's a few feet of snow on the ground. Thanks guys/gals. Oh, and I'm...
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