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Mike, I recently acquired a pair of last years McNairy field boot in the black waxy cowhide. I'm amazed I found a pair for sale, they look awesome in person! Before I put them to use I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how I should treat them? (have never had "waxed" leather footwear before) thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista lol you're breaking in a pair of workboots..that's what they do. It just gives them character. The leather sure as hell isn't going to separate from walking in them. How's that even possible? srsly. they aren't going to stay pristine forever, homey. if thats your thing, don't buy workboots. and don't wear any of your shoes ever for that matter.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES For anyone who owns the Men's Shaker Shawl Card.... Does it strech with wear? mine did, but i heeded advice and sized down one. its cotton so while it stretches it can tighten up with a hot wash. im really happy with it
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Stel's is a good store though. Nothing but great experiences with them. +1 I was in on black friday when they had the 30% in-store and Jon and Tina were really helpful/friendly. Stel's is one of the rare gems in boston.
+1 i almost purchased a pair ahead of this fall/winter and I'm glad I didn't. I can't see these being a good choice anywhere where there can be rain/snow daily like here in the northeast. I have a pair of redwing GT's that have treated me well through two winters in Boston/NYC and they (still) feel indestructible. i'd treat the 1000 miles likely the same way i'd treat a pair of alden indys. carefully. Quote: Originally Posted by...
peacoat with upturned collar, cuffed selvedge and indy boots. is Paul Bettany an SW&D lurker here on SF? Quote: Originally Posted by reezy The Balenciaga bag suits Paul Bettany well. Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly what is this one? looks like this
emotional ebay bidding at its finest Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL http://cgi.ebay.com/Alden-Leffot-JC-...item3cb2b1d452
did you stop following the other thread you started? http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...p_Boot_217.htm Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk Hi, Does anyone have pics of the AF95? I really would love to see some close ups... Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk does anyone have pics of the Alden Af95 boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by djh ^ Exactly why I just pulled the trigger on the Context ones - I have them in black too but they don't get as much play. Only thing I would prefer on these would be a natural sole-edge, but the black will wear away with time. +1 natural edges would make them even better, but as you said they wear down over time and remember alden can do them with a natural edge when you send them in to be resoled.
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