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I also ordered two bags and received the exact same contents.They came after emailing with Eric about my old keyhook, which broke and which he said he'd replace...So looks like my friends will be getting Keyhooks as gifts!Overall I'm not really impressed with the value of these bags. The pic on the site/description made it seem like a lot of nice stuff would be given out, but in the end it seems to just be a way to move older style key hooks and unevenly cut leather...
That is a nice touch. I have the Paragon from last year, which is a similar style knit, and my only gripe are those gaps. They're super pronounced/felt when worn with just a T underneath.Still, I love that pattern.Sometimes I think it looks like some sort of armor.A badass Danish fishermans armor.
Not trolling. It's just that it's unlikely that such a deal is meant to be, and the best way to get it killed (and have yours, and everyone else's order cancelled) is by posting about it on a forum.
Care to share a spot that has them on sale?p.s. i've seen them described as having an "updated" or "modern" fit, which I interpret as slimmer than most knits of that style.
Is that "teck" cordovan?Those are beauts!
I completely agree on the quality of Alden Cordovan (Horween) vs. Trickers (Comipel?)However, Tricker's does offer some pretty nifty colors (the Iris cordo MTO referred to on this thread is bananas).As for Viberg, only time will allow me to form a thorough opinion, but as of now I think the workmanship is a step above Tricker's in terms of sheer durability, and their materials are superior, IMO.Still, with Viberg starting ~$700 for a calf boot it's not a fair...
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