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Bucksfan, awesome photos. Can you comment on the walnut daltons a bit more? I'm considering a pair, but in that photo they look like alden whiskey, which I do not need more of. Also, can you share your impressions about the boots in general? (do you like them, etc) thanks!
NY to BOS via UPS ground is 12.70 for 2lbs, 13.13 for 3lbsif that's not a marginal increase then I don't know what is.
they, and many others, ship UPS ground, which costs the same for something that weighs .5lb or 1lb (and is only marginally more expensive for something that is 2lb, 2.5, etc) like Raindrop said, you want to minimize, buy more!
I'm a little late to the party, but can someone please let me know what the deal was with the Shell Patriots? Is it now over?
30% of at C'H'C'M' with 4YEARS (appears to work on sale items as well)
I have yet to receive, but they are 12D and burgundy cordoCan post some shots one I get them.
I recently hopped on the 2 for 250 promo and just noticed on my statement that I was billed just over 260. I suspect it has to do with if AE has retail stores in your state then you may be responsible for local sales tax.I snagged a pair of Shell McGraws for 125 as part of that deal, so I'm not going to complain!
PSA: My Wardrobe has a good deal on Marron Stowes if you're a UK 10 or 11 code MENSWEAR30 knocks 30% off the price, and there's free shipping to US. Although, it seems they're adding "Duty and customs" of about $60...
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