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if you're going to cop, consider ordering from gravity pope. it's on sale for around $200
Truth. I initially thought this dude was the actor who played Scarface in the movie Half Baked, made me want to kop the jawn even more.
If they're the guys who worked there when it was H.W. Carter and Sons they're also some of the nicest people I've dealt with. Roland in particular is awesome.
Kalena seems like a real asshole.
I nearly threw my laptop in a roaring fireplace after viewing it.Fuck their models.Fuck their models with a hot knife.
Namor, you should cop these Jodphurs the code I just posted brings them to $340 shipped
WARMUP20 for an extra 20% off "winter sale" items at Ralph Lauren. There's some good RRL deals to be had
Perusing OC's 70% off section and I don't think I've ever seen such an amazingly terrible collection of clothing in my entire life. what the actual fuck is this? and this? "OC xclusive" no shit.
I ordered 3 pairs during the sale. They sent two of the pairs together (and eventually sent the missing pair when i asked them where they were). I received a bill in the mail a couple weeks later.Pretty annoyed because they marked up the value of the two pairs by a pretty ridiculous amount and I was taxed on that value. I plan on contesting it.
145 oxford in Gray roughout via superdenim. The comfort level on these is retarded.
New Posts  All Forums: