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Hilarious.'"I bought 5 leathers, 10 shoes, 4 sneakers, 4 jackets, 12 polos, 2 sweaters, 3 hoodies, 2 backpacks, 1 duffel, 4 dog sweaters, and an object."
Do people find that shell Marlow Wings loosen up a lot after the break in period? Most anecdotal evidence on this thread says people are going down .5, but of the two pairs I just got from the RL sale my TTS pair fits well with just a little room at the heel (but not enough to slip) and the pair sized down feels snug all around, almost tight across the vamp.
I didn't order until around 8:30 AM EST yesterday, thought it would be cancelled for sure, but I received tracking info for my two pairs of marlows and everything else I ordered, except for some RRL chinos.
Sorry, man. I needed to force the cessation of suffering. In this case our collective suffering.
If my wife or child ever had a meltdown over a non-existent end clothing code I'd tell them to pull their shit together.
thanks , that's what I thought. Not of huge fan of the logo/aesthetic of most of their stuff, but the leather briefs/duffle looked interesting, and I'm in the market for a fishtail parka.
"secret" gets 50% off sale at jack spade are their bags and outerwear any good?
50 euro off any order over 300 Euro at TBS 50-EURO-EU 50-EURO-GBP 50-EURO-SEK 50-EURO-USD 50-EURO-REST-OF-THE-WORLD
official Mutiny DC thread perhaps, guyz?
except for when Sneakerboy had captoes for 50% off not too long ago...
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