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True, but the reality is a lot of people can't since these shoes are so damn scarce, esp after the run that was made with the leaked code.I find it helpful to have as many data points as possible from people with similar sized feet to mine.FWIW, I wear an 11.5D barrie and will keep the TTS 12D marlows I ordered. 11.5D in the marlow is just too narrow for me. My biggest gripe with the Barrie last is that the heel is enormous. I find the heel on the TTS marlow to be great.
"I ordered 65 items at 65%. Looks like I'll be getting 64 of them. The flourishment is real." - Just Blaze
Hilarious.'"I bought 5 leathers, 10 shoes, 4 sneakers, 4 jackets, 12 polos, 2 sweaters, 3 hoodies, 2 backpacks, 1 duffel, 4 dog sweaters, and an object."
Do people find that shell Marlow Wings loosen up a lot after the break in period? Most anecdotal evidence on this thread says people are going down .5, but of the two pairs I just got from the RL sale my TTS pair fits well with just a little room at the heel (but not enough to slip) and the pair sized down feels snug all around, almost tight across the vamp.
I didn't order until around 8:30 AM EST yesterday, thought it would be cancelled for sure, but I received tracking info for my two pairs of marlows and everything else I ordered, except for some RRL chinos.
Sorry, man. I needed to force the cessation of suffering. In this case our collective suffering.
If my wife or child ever had a meltdown over a non-existent end clothing code I'd tell them to pull their shit together.
thanks , that's what I thought. Not of huge fan of the logo/aesthetic of most of their stuff, but the leather briefs/duffle looked interesting, and I'm in the market for a fishtail parka.
"secret" gets 50% off sale at jack spade are their bags and outerwear any good?
50 euro off any order over 300 Euro at TBS 50-EURO-EU 50-EURO-GBP 50-EURO-SEK 50-EURO-USD 50-EURO-REST-OF-THE-WORLD
New Posts  All Forums: