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Inventory Stockroom just hit 50% Killer deal on Vibergs if you're a 7 or 9
It's going back, want to love it, but I just don't get that lovin feelin for it.this on the other hand is I think where it's at.I know Frank Clegg is supposed to be great quality, but I can't help but feel like this is too much for something so basic.Anyone have a recommendation for something similar, at a little less cost?
Yes, all leather.Not too bright, same as the leather on this bagIf it were a bit darker I'd likely keep it
Thanks for the suggestion,I actually just picked up an O'Hare from Barneys at a good price, still on the fence about keeping it, though. I like the style, but the color is "Baltic Blue", which looks great, but just isn't that versatile. I think this bag in black or brown leather would be perfect.
Can anyone recommend an all leather, minimal, tote bag that has a zipper closure and handles with not too much of a drop? Ideally sub $500, would go higher for the right piece since it's something I hope to get a lot of use out of. (ideal use is for work, overnights, shopping, pretty much anything/anywhere) thanks in advance
Because they're shite.
No. I pined for a pair of CP's for years and was elated when I got a pair of vintage black achiles lows for $160 during the Sneakerboy snafu awhile back. I've been wearing them (only on weekends) for the past 2 months and I feel confident in saying they are raging pieces of shit, and I'm pissed I paid what I did for them.The leather lining in the heels is already starting to rip, and the leather on the outside of the shoe is starting to crack in one spot like a pair of $30...
Nope, these are actually a little roomy on me, and are relegated to wear around the house and on weekends. do you have an email for George? I wrote to their "info" email and received a reply from someone else who's saying my option is to send them back to have them resoled to the tune of $96. Would rather sink that $ into a pair of yuketens or quoddys frankly if this is to be expected from Oak street.
I've owned handsewn mocs from pretty much every SF approved maker, but I've never had this happen with any of them, except for a pair of oak streets I've been wearing for less than a year: I contacted OSB and was told this was normal for a years worth of wear and that I should consider putting rubber top soles on the shoes, or resting them between wears, to prolong their life. I thought Toppys help combat wear to the bottom of the shoe, how would they help slow down...
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