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Kalena seems like a real asshole.
I nearly threw my laptop in a roaring fireplace after viewing it.Fuck their models.Fuck their models with a hot knife.
Namor, you should cop these Jodphurs the code I just posted brings them to $340 shipped
WARMUP20 for an extra 20% off "winter sale" items at Ralph Lauren. There's some good RRL deals to be had
Perusing OC's 70% off section and I don't think I've ever seen such an amazingly terrible collection of clothing in my entire life. what the actual fuck is this? and this? "OC xclusive" no shit.
I ordered 3 pairs during the sale. They sent two of the pairs together (and eventually sent the missing pair when i asked them where they were). I received a bill in the mail a couple weeks later.Pretty annoyed because they marked up the value of the two pairs by a pretty ridiculous amount and I was taxed on that value. I plan on contesting it.
145 oxford in Gray roughout via superdenim. The comfort level on these is retarded.
keep it, you'll regret letting it go.
I love Viberg.
exactly the same shoe as seen here Only selling because I got a pair of mids as well which I like more. price includes shipping CONUS payment via paypal thanks for looking
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