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Shipping rate is dumb but they are located on Long Island, which isn't even part of NYC. It's an Island, u guyz.Just order a bunch of shit and the sting won't seem so bad.
I'd grabbed that Mismo Utility, along with their Day Pack, from Barneys. Really nice stuff, but just wasn't what I was looking for.PDSF, that Saunter tote looks awesome.I just picked up this for $140 and am slightly regretting my decision upon seeing it.
The Mens Market has some pretty great deals right now on brands like MMM, EG, and APC. (there are other great, non-acronymed brands as well) I just took delivery of a leather Stanley and Sons tote for $140, as well as some Orlebar Bobby T's, and am quite pleased. Their packaging is really nice as well, given that you like well wrapped packages and an abundance of tissue paper.
Inventory Stockroom just hit 50% Killer deal on Vibergs if you're a 7 or 9
It's going back, want to love it, but I just don't get that lovin feelin for it.this on the other hand is I think where it's at.I know Frank Clegg is supposed to be great quality, but I can't help but feel like this is too much for something so basic.Anyone have a recommendation for something similar, at a little less cost?
Yes, all leather.Not too bright, same as the leather on this bagIf it were a bit darker I'd likely keep it
Thanks for the suggestion,I actually just picked up an O'Hare from Barneys at a good price, still on the fence about keeping it, though. I like the style, but the color is "Baltic Blue", which looks great, but just isn't that versatile. I think this bag in black or brown leather would be perfect.
Can anyone recommend an all leather, minimal, tote bag that has a zipper closure and handles with not too much of a drop? Ideally sub $500, would go higher for the right piece since it's something I hope to get a lot of use out of. (ideal use is for work, overnights, shopping, pretty much anything/anywhere) thanks in advance
Because they're shite.
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