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why would any of those jobs preclude using a Mismo bag as your work bag?I feel like they have a lot of different styles which can be used in pretty much any situation.edit: in the spirit of keeping this a sales related post, x20aug14 gets 20% off sale at Farfetch
these are similar
edit: nvrmnd
TBS Final sale on....and the site is down
I feel like there should be a thread where people can post OP-ED's about the emotional and psychological impact the Barney's warehouse sale had on them.
edit: everyone beat me to what i was going to say
Is there a trick to getting the code to work?I tried it on two pairs of Rancourts to no avail.
The more time I've spent with the Stanley and Sons bag the more i think the price was an absolute steal. The quality of the leather is wonderful and it seems to be pretty well made.I wanted a cleaner aesthetic, which is why i like the Mismo bag, but at this price I can't complain.Primary use is for the office, overnights at my girlfriends, normal "tote" bag stuff.Shit, I may even take it to a farmers market.edit: picked it up in brown.
anyone chime in on Bric's luggage quality?
Shipping rate is dumb but they are located on Long Island, which isn't even part of NYC. It's an Island, u guyz.Just order a bunch of shit and the sting won't seem so bad.
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