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I blind purchased two via barneys that I ended up returning (only because they weren't my style), and now have a 3rd I'll likely keep. The quality of everything I've handled has been great.I'm moving from a Filson as well. My biggest hangup is moving from waxed cotton (filson) to water resistant nylon (mismo).30% off and free shipping at Jed & Marne
why would any of those jobs preclude using a Mismo bag as your work bag?I feel like they have a lot of different styles which can be used in pretty much any situation.edit: in the spirit of keeping this a sales related post, x20aug14 gets 20% off sale at Farfetch
these are similar
edit: nvrmnd
TBS Final sale on....and the site is down
I feel like there should be a thread where people can post OP-ED's about the emotional and psychological impact the Barney's warehouse sale had on them.
edit: everyone beat me to what i was going to say
Is there a trick to getting the code to work?I tried it on two pairs of Rancourts to no avail.
The more time I've spent with the Stanley and Sons bag the more i think the price was an absolute steal. The quality of the leather is wonderful and it seems to be pretty well made.I wanted a cleaner aesthetic, which is why i like the Mismo bag, but at this price I can't complain.Primary use is for the office, overnights at my girlfriends, normal "tote" bag stuff.Shit, I may even take it to a farmers market.edit: picked it up in brown.
anyone chime in on Bric's luggage quality?
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