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I stand corrected, i too am looking for a reasonably priced raw chino and feel like these may be worth a shot.edit: after reading the reviews on Yelp this is clearly a caveat emptor situation.
What's the deal with the sudden proliferation of "Lawless denim" posts?? the pair linked in the first post looked like a relic of the Exxon Valdez spill. 30% off some Cabourn (and other stuff) at Flannels with TREAT30
30% off at Notre says OCTOBER30 is good for outerwear, but it took 30% off a filson bag, may work on other things as well.
30% off at Jack Spade
who pays retail?
Isn't the whole point of a material like shell is that it's durable and will last multiple resoles/years of wear? I'm really not trying to troll, but I'm legit trying to understand the point of what is essentially a shell Achilles.
Not using my TBS code: FW14-20-9T1NU
People rave about B. Nelson I'm opting to send a pair of cordo Aldens to them myself.
same exact thing happened to me.It snapped, he asked for a photo, i sent it.A month later i asked where it was and was told "i'm so busy, after the holidays"that was last xmas.I don't care how great (or in this case, shoddy) your product is, if you have poor customer service you won't last.
A canvas Mismo would be ideal, sadly I've only seen nylon (which is admittedly pretty nice) recently.(If you want to get rid of your brief Fok, please let me know)
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