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[[SPOILER]] fwiw, i ordered at 11:55pm last night and received a shipping notification this eve.
Lyonstate is on sale for 33% off via UrbanDaddy Perks. certificates are avail as 150 for 100 and 300 for 200. If you'd like a referral please PM me
[[SPOILER]] very helpful info, thanks!
seriously, how are the damn things sized?? don't understand why that piece of vital info is omitted from the listing...
[[SPOILER]] any clues as to when this is going to start?(or am I to concede a loss of productivity for the rest of the afternoon and into the night?
YOOXANDVOGUE gets you 15% off S/S13
Gah, I wish these were larger. Gorgeous!
Thank you, Uncle!
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