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seriously, how are the damn things sized?? don't understand why that piece of vital info is omitted from the listing...
[[SPOILER]] any clues as to when this is going to start?(or am I to concede a loss of productivity for the rest of the afternoon and into the night?
YOOXANDVOGUE gets you 15% off S/S13
Gah, I wish these were larger. Gorgeous!
Thank you, Uncle!
maiden voyage, and first suede/flex welt Alden I've worn. Incredible comfort straight out of the box.
I've come to the realization that I don't think double monks are for me. I have a pair of Brown suede C&J Lowndes and Meermin Blue suede double monks, both in 11UK (i usually wear a 12D) Both pairs have been worn a handful of times. If there's any interest let me know and I'll post pics.
Based on the welt i'm going to hazard a guess that these did not leave the line in middleborough as a white shoe.
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