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ordered from Barneys (not whorehouse), received confirmation, shipped ...and received the wrong item emailed asking why not just cancel instead of sending the wrong thing, and could they please send the right thing? received a boilerplate "sorry, send us back the wrong thing and we'll mail you the right thing" (which is now sold out) bush league psyche-out stuff.
I thought it was H. Boney Ear
[[SPOILER]] fwiw, i ordered at 11:55pm last night and received a shipping notification this eve.
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[[SPOILER]] very helpful info, thanks!
seriously, how are the damn things sized?? don't understand why that piece of vital info is omitted from the listing...
[[SPOILER]] any clues as to when this is going to start?(or am I to concede a loss of productivity for the rest of the afternoon and into the night?
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