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Slightly off topic, but I figure there have to be some My Morning Jacket fans in this thread ... I think Jim James is wearing shell Indy's at 1:54 in this video http://youtu.be/zsvTfaAAVBg
I figure you guys are unaware this thread exists... For f#%&$ sake please use it.
I figure it depends how soon you ordered after the sale started. I think I ordered on the 2nd or 3rd day...also chose the expedited shipping. shipped yesterday/delivered today. awesome.Nice snag on the Menlo, would have def chose that if my size were avail.i opted for the biker jacket
I received tracking last night and it's to be delivered today. (fwiw, ordered denim, a leather, and a T)
Did you receive a shipping notification?mine is still listed as "preparing order shipment"
I just received my clearance pair last week as part of the 2 for 250 deal...first impressions:I think I got a heck of a deal with a burgundy shell mcgraw for 125, but I'm not crazy about the fit.for reference, I'm a 12D, take an 11.5 in the unlined Shell Alden LHS on the Van last, and find that these fit well in length, but seem to be a touch wide. (i'm getting some "bowing" when I walk)I'm not complaining, but feel if I were going to pay full whack for these I may want to...
[[SPOILER]] Gorgeous. Love seeing shoes like these with some miles on them.
Bucksfan, awesome photos. Can you comment on the walnut daltons a bit more? I'm considering a pair, but in that photo they look like alden whiskey, which I do not need more of. Also, can you share your impressions about the boots in general? (do you like them, etc) thanks!
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