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I figure you guys are unaware this thread exists... For f#%&$ sake please use it.
I figure it depends how soon you ordered after the sale started. I think I ordered on the 2nd or 3rd day...also chose the expedited shipping. shipped yesterday/delivered today. awesome.Nice snag on the Menlo, would have def chose that if my size were avail.i opted for the biker jacket
I received tracking last night and it's to be delivered today. (fwiw, ordered denim, a leather, and a T)
Did you receive a shipping notification?mine is still listed as "preparing order shipment"
I just received my clearance pair last week as part of the 2 for 250 deal...first impressions:I think I got a heck of a deal with a burgundy shell mcgraw for 125, but I'm not crazy about the fit.for reference, I'm a 12D, take an 11.5 in the unlined Shell Alden LHS on the Van last, and find that these fit well in length, but seem to be a touch wide. (i'm getting some "bowing" when I walk)I'm not complaining, but feel if I were going to pay full whack for these I may want to...
[[SPOILER]] Gorgeous. Love seeing shoes like these with some miles on them.
Bucksfan, awesome photos. Can you comment on the walnut daltons a bit more? I'm considering a pair, but in that photo they look like alden whiskey, which I do not need more of. Also, can you share your impressions about the boots in general? (do you like them, etc) thanks!
NY to BOS via UPS ground is 12.70 for 2lbs, 13.13 for 3lbsif that's not a marginal increase then I don't know what is.
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