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I recently hopped on the 2 for 250 promo and just noticed on my statement that I was billed just over 260. I suspect it has to do with if AE has retail stores in your state then you may be responsible for local sales tax.I snagged a pair of Shell McGraws for 125 as part of that deal, so I'm not going to complain!
PSA: My Wardrobe has a good deal on Marron Stowes if you're a UK 10 or 11 code MENSWEAR30 knocks 30% off the price, and there's free shipping to US. Although, it seems they're adding "Duty and customs" of about $60...
I am sorry, elisiX, nahneun is correct. I was in fact trolling the dude.
They just made drops up to 80%...still, I heard that if you email them and ask nicely they'll send you a code for an additional 80% off.
20% off at Ball and Buck with FATHER20 good for "24 hours"
If you hate yourself and want to have what will likely be a terrible retail experience, North River Outfitter is running a 50% off promo through Gilt city Boston. Options are 50 for 100, 100 for 200. fine print says it will not work on Aldens, but who knows.
can you share which store you emailed, or where Tim is located?
My order placed on jan 23rd shipped on feb 2nd. I was worried initially, but i heard back from Shaya (who is awesome) and they are indeed slammed with sale orders.
great shot man, I've eyed Rimowa for awhile, nice to see a real world photo
Can anyone comment on what ETs shipping schedule is usually like? I placed an order over a week ago and have heard nothing. (Save for an auto order confirmation that was sent upon receipt)
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