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lulz. fuck these guys, seriously.
Part of me agrees, but the other part is pissed on principal. Not that much money spent by a lot of people adds up to a lot of money. edit: also if what others have speculated is true, they may be using current income to fulfill old orders. If they suddenly got hit with a ton of chargebacks and lost all that money they thought they've made off with they'd likely be forced to close shop.
I placed order 589 on Nov 4 2014. I emailed them on April 17 asking what the deal was and immediately received what appeared to be an auto-generated email stating my order was "at the cutting table" I just received an email today thanking me for placing order 589 today, June 11 2015. I wrote to Roman asking what was going on. He replied almost immediately saying "please disregard. the system is in the middle of an update" No mention of where the hell my pants are. The...
good catch, that was a typo, it's the 348 last, thanks!
if anyone sees silk navy polka dot or mughul scarves and is willing to proxy please let me know
if anyone is willing to proxy the drakes sale please let me know!
selling a pair of lightly worn lowndes in brown suede
The Iconic Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket in Navy Harris Tweed and Navy Mackintosh. Incredible details, like natural Corozo Buttons, metal fireman clasp closure, a waterproof Mackintosh upper, and cozy Harris Tweed lower. This is THE style/color of Camerman that everyone wants. I hate to part with it, but it just no longer fits me. Condition is like new, only listing as used since I did wear it out a few times.
Brown suede, could use a brushing but otherwise in great shape. I purchased these new and wore about 10 times before realizing they just don't work with my wardrobe. 348 last includes bags, but no box. let me know if you have any questions free shipping CONUS
I may, but honestly i'm tempted to just rub one out into it and forget it like so many youthful indiscretions
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