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Brown suede, could use a brushing but otherwise in great shape. I purchased these new and wore about 10 times before realizing they just don't work with my wardrobe. 348 last includes bags, but no box. let me know if you have any questions free shipping CONUS
I may, but honestly i'm tempted to just rub one out into it and forget it like so many youthful indiscretions
the fabric (wool/cotton) is ok, but it literally looks like someone sewed two pieces of fabric together at the crown, stitched a gnarly seam down the back, and haphazardly cut the piece, not even bothering to finish the edgesReading previous comments about "unfinished hems" and marveling at this incredible piece of crap in my hand tells me whomever is behind this brand has fuck all of an idea of what they're doing.
[[SPOILER]] for the love of god, man take it elsewhere
Just received the beanie I ordered and it's one of the most wonderfully unfinshed pieces of shit I've ever bought.I sincerely hope they go out of business.
Carson street and their woefully pathetic online inventory updates are up to 60% off.
I second that request.
S.N.S. flash sale on Haberdash anyone know of a code for Forward?
[[SPOILER]] Wait, so were these samples the fake shell that Mike mentioned in his letter, or did the factory send a shell prototype and then pull a switcheroo?
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