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anyone know how to get Le Labo Patchouli 24 at a discount this time of year?
Can you let us know what you think of the Oppermann? That bag looks awesome.
This is a work of art. If it doesn't sell I'll likely hang it above the mantel for me and my family to admire. Color is beautiful dark blue with purple and other shades of blue. Detail photo was taken in natural light and accurately shows the color. Magic. Size is XL, which is closest to a 44. Handknit in Scotland, Wooden buttons, raglan shoulder, shawl collar, heirloom construction, it doesn't get better than this. Price includes CONUS shipping.
Anyone know where I could find a bag like this?
Can anyone reccomend a large zip top tote type bag with handles and a shoulder strap? I'm looking for something big enough to hold a 15inch Mac and a large dslr camera insert. Any suggestions are welcomed.
online? in-store?
That is quite nice. Along the same lines, know of any totes that are a little bigger, with zipper closure and shoulder strap, and could accommodate a good size camera insert?
I think what omega charges for straps is absurd too, but I still paid $$$ for a leather rally strap with an omega deployment clasp because omega was the only brand that makes that strap specifically for my Speedy, and I love it.Although, having handled an omega nato strap I wouldn't shell out what they ask because it's not worth it. I can get a very similar strap for a fraction of the price.That said, OEM vs a 3rd party i've never heard of isn't an apples to apples...
I'm sorry, but $30 for a perlon (braided nylon) strap is absurd.
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