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Can you please provide the shoulder measurements when you get a chance.
Nice. Any chance you can get this or something similar in 36 s or r?
Hey I sent a PM on Sunday, did you see it?
Thanks guys. Yes I did notice the ties on B&S but I'm interested in the pants.... Very interested...
Any idea when the site will be up? I thought it was suppose to be this past Monday or Tuesday.
+1 but if only it was a 36s
Huge +1Really appreciate the PSA. I ordered the 2nd last pair in my size in walnut not too long ago. Looking forward to receiving them.
My favourite part is from 0:30 to 0:40
Great stuff here. Are you by any chance able to get another or similar pair to the "Red/White/Blue Cotton BB5, W39 L unfinished. $85>>$70" you have listed but in BB1 / 32? If you can please let me know.
Interested in anything that's 36S. If you can get something in linen especially that would be great. Thanks
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