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Shipton & Heneage balmoral boots UK 11 £129 BIN OBO (unsure about the original maker).
Those are not EG as claimed, they're older Church's. Sizing for those is EU 42 B.
It says 1003. First 2 digits = full size. Next digit = half size. Last digit = width indicator (2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc).
AE Strand is perfectly fine. Good luck.
Rare NOS original Peal for BB. Seller claims that sizing is US 9 B, however, interior marks mean old-US 10 C. Jodhpurs (either C&J or AS) 12 - $60 BIN.
I am selling 3 pairs of rebranded Crockett & Jones, all made for the US market in size US 9.5D. Price is firm. CONUS shipping is included. No combined shipping. No return.SOLD. 1. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]] SOLD. 2. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]] SOLD. 3. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]]
misspelled EG for RLPL 10/10.5
Duke of Windsor. Though how come the sizing seems to be very different?
One should never, ever, get a PhD if income is the main concern. And thus, my statement limits to PhD's only.
Besides what cptjeff has said, as the general rules, the darker the color is more formal it is (black > dark brown > tan > beige, etc.). Also, the smoother the texture the more formal it is (patent > smooth calf > pebbled/suede). Of course, there are exceptions.
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