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The Marlows are up again $400 a pop.
Shipton & Heneage balmoral boots UK 11 £129 BIN OBO (unsure about the original maker).
Those are not EG as claimed, they're older Church's. Sizing for those is EU 42 B.
It says 1003. First 2 digits = full size. Next digit = half size. Last digit = width indicator (2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc).
AE Strand is perfectly fine. Good luck.
Rare NOS original Peal for BB. Seller claims that sizing is US 9 B, however, interior marks mean old-US 10 C. Jodhpurs (either C&J or AS) 12 - $60 BIN.
I am selling 3 pairs of rebranded Crockett & Jones, all made for the US market in size US 9.5D. Price is firm. CONUS shipping is included. No combined shipping. No return.SOLD. 1. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]] SOLD. 2. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]] SOLD. 3. Maker: C&J [[SPOILER]]
misspelled EG for RLPL 10/10.5
Duke of Windsor. Though how come the sizing seems to be very different?
One should never, ever, get a PhD if income is the main concern. And thus, my statement limits to PhD's only.
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