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^ unsure what the point is.
Exposing misspelled searches to a small group induced higher social welfare than either letting it go silent or posting it on public aggregation like PTO.
Misspelled C&J x BB penny loafers with some interesting tweed detail US 10.5D in black and brown starting at $100. BIN is not very attractive, but the tweed detail is interesting, the condition is fairly good, and the misspelling may reduce competition.
I actually think that those are in pretty good shapes: barely any exposed stitches (only a bit at the tip), no upper damages that I can see, even though the style is not very desirable.
EG UK(?) 10.5 loafers $200 BIN.
My general consensus is that flagship locations are a lot nicer than mall locations.
Talking about tie. As an action.
Does anyone know if there is any other retailer besides Ben Silver and Tom James who stocks 330 last?
Anyone has a clue who made this pair? Made in England.
Shell PTB 11.5 from Cheaney/Church's $130 BIN.
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