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I would stay away from this type of listing. The title screams "cashmere", which represents only 1% of the material content. Previously the title said 18K gold buttons, but such a claim is now completely edited out. The suit on the model is different from the item being sold (albeit similarity at the first glance, note the elbow patch on the model). The suit comes with no pants (see Q&A) even though there are measurements for pants!?! Last but not least, listing number of...
What lens did you use? Nice bokeh.
As a related discussion, this is how I solved my problem, nearly 3 years ago (see original discussion). They worked beautifully. I now don't do that anymore, since I now have enough shoes in my rotation.
Look too sleek for 240.
^ Probably not original soles. Looks like a precut sole that can be used for either size 9 or 10.
That thread was removed permanently.
Hand-rolled pocket squares can be found at the Rack for $10-$15 a piece. Though selection is limited as expected.
C&J for BB staples on 240 last US 9.5 B $80 BIN (black, brown).
There are a couple of reasons, each of which is minor, but collectively an unnecessary hassle for a marginal gain. I will have to do the same with the main buttons, and there are only very limited combinations (fabric color & texture, button color & type, jacket cut) that work. Due to my physique, slimmer cuts look best. With that as a preface, a slim jacket arm with double sided buttons will not accommodate the shirt's french-cuffs with cufflinks very well.
A year and a half ago I asked a related question. After talking to my tailor, we decided not to go with this cuff style.
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