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What lens did you use? Nice bokeh.
As a related discussion, this is how I solved my problem, nearly 3 years ago (see original discussion). They worked beautifully. I now don't do that anymore, since I now have enough shoes in my rotation.
Look too sleek for 240.
^ Probably not original soles. Looks like a precut sole that can be used for either size 9 or 10.
That thread was removed permanently.
Hand-rolled pocket squares can be found at the Rack for $10-$15 a piece. Though selection is limited as expected.
C&J for BB staples on 240 last US 9.5 B $80 BIN (black, brown).
There are a couple of reasons, each of which is minor, but collectively an unnecessary hassle for a marginal gain. I will have to do the same with the main buttons, and there are only very limited combinations (fabric color & texture, button color & type, jacket cut) that work. Due to my physique, slimmer cuts look best. With that as a preface, a slim jacket arm with double sided buttons will not accommodate the shirt's french-cuffs with cufflinks very well.
A year and a half ago I asked a related question. After talking to my tailor, we decided not to go with this cuff style.
^ unsure what the point is.
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