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J M Weston 8.5C (US 9.5-10?) with trees - $150 BIN.
Yeah. You missed this:At the end of the day, everyone here was still "what the fuck just happened!?"
Hermes silk twill ties would feel "cheap" compared to any high-end ties out there, simply because they use light silk. Their heavy silk ties are much more substantial. Also, new silk twill ties would be quite crisp, and thus give the illusion that they have higher quality than used ones.
^ what's the size? Are you selling them?
I only have 1 pair of black shoes. Worn a handful of times last year. I have nothing against black shoes. I just look better with non-black shoes.
Near NOS original Peal shoes, circa 1950s. To be honest, the leather was not that great.
Sewing the Kiton label on is a lot of effort, you know.
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