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Don't think these are original heels.
Crockett & Jones.
Who sells some basic white canvas sneakers with closed lacing like these? Checked out converse, spring courts, common projects but found none (all of them are open lacing). Also, do people make white canvas in America anymore?
^ Crockett & Jones on 248 Last.
Thanks. Will check with them at their store to see what they have in stock.
Where to get some N&F SlimGuy in 28? Compared to WeirdGuy & SkinnyGuy, SlimGuy seems to be extremely limited, especially at 28". Tried both Tate & Yoko and BlueOwl, only to get 2, 3 pairs of undesirable fabric/pattern/weight/etc. Googled to a bunch of online stores but to no avail either. Any another suggestions? Also, I am located in Chicago and visit San Francisco regularly, in case there are worthy bricks & mortars.
^ Edward Green on 33 last.
Being offer is a pair of black Edward Green full brogues for Cole Haan on 202 last in size US 8D. The shoes are in excellent condition, no flaw on the uppers, clean insoles, normal wear on the original soles and heels. Note: I cannot ship until Jan 14.
Being offers are two authentic Hermes ties and a pocket square. All, though pre-owned, are in excellent condition with no flaw, all labels are intact. Unlike most Hermes ties you can find on eBay, these are high quality, rare design items. I just don't find them in my rotation very often. You can buy them with or without the original box.#1. SOLD. Dark Fuschia (purple) basket weave silk tie. Exactly this. Measurements: 3.75" x 58.5". Price without box: $125. Price with...
C&J x PRL 8D NWOB $125 BIN. Would kop if I didn't already have too many captoes.
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