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^ Not always. Those are C&J. Though I have never seen Polo at the bottom while scripted text inside the soles.
"The suit is so awesome it may get you pregnant". This seller was probably on drug while posting this.
I am on a different foot. I wont suggest anything to Foo since he made his mind already anyway. Though would be interested to see his one shirt.
Surprisingly, I have all. Well, except for "black stitch caps". And I don't see a reason to own one. Why do you think it's necessary?
I would expect €300+ shirts last longer than that. Or maybe their clothes stay better with dry-cleaning?
Yes. Not long ago, BB actually had a page on their website described their Peal & Co line as quintessential English shoes. The page is no longer there.
pre-bankruptcy Peal & Co for Brooks Brothers insoles look like this. So yours is post-bankruptcy Peal & Co by EG. And this is what I meant by "Royal stamp" in the previous post. in comparison, these are non-BB Peal & Co (this is one version, there is another version with 3 stamps)
Let's keep it straight: Peal & Co was originally an English bespoke shoemaker. They later made RTW shoes for Brooks Brothers. They went bankrupted in the early 1960s, and sold the right to use the name Peal & Co to Brooks Brothers. At the same time period Brooks Brothers had been using Edward Green to make Brooks English line. So after Peal & Co bankruptcy, Brooks Brothers then used Edward Green to make their Peal & Co labeled shoes also. In the early 80s, Brooks Brothers...
Awesome. Thanks.
Don't think these are original heels.
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