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Given that the taste is the same, do you prefer seedless fruits or ones with seeds?
The media has been buzzed with a section of a new bill that is taunted as a Monsanto Protection Act; and that brings up a question that has been bugging me for a while: why do people hate GMO so much? I read through a website that lists 10 reasons against GMO, but in fact none of them is bad. So, educate me!
Yeah, I was sort of hoping that it says something like what tonylumpkin said too. I can't really say anything more with this.
Yes, Church's.
Don't know for 100% sure, but if I have to venture a guess I would say Cheaney, with about 60% certainty. Here is my reasoning. There are 2 shoemakers that have 3 nails aligned near the rubber heels: C&J and Cheaney's (eg. 90's Brooks English). However, C&J uses nails of similar sizes, while Cheaney's uses 3 significantly bigger nails, which seems to be in this case. Furthermore, C&J always uses dovetail rubber heels instead of a flat one like this, while Cheaney's have...
^ Bontoni's have really gone up in demand and price huh? I've sold a bunch of them 2 years ago for $400 a pop BNIB.
The writing on the interior lining is standard for C&J for Polo RL and BB Peal & Co. So that's why I am quite certain that those are C&J. The scripted text, however, is not helpful. When RL first started their purple label line, they used that scripted text for RLPL exclusively. But now it is on all sorts of things.
^ Not always. Those are C&J. Though I have never seen Polo at the bottom while scripted text inside the soles.
"The suit is so awesome it may get you pregnant". This seller was probably on drug while posting this.
I am on a different foot. I wont suggest anything to Foo since he made his mind already anyway. Though would be interested to see his one shirt.
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