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Which Rain size is the most compatible to C&J UK 7, EG 7.5/8, JLP UK 7 (I don't specify lasts here, since they always work regardless of lasts)?
Wonderful. Ordered a dozen. Hopefully they fit well. Thanks.
Gents! It's time for me to update my 4-year old sock drawer. However, I could not find any good source. I am looking specifically for wool, OTC, in variety of colors, with (not-too-subtle)-dots like these Robert Talbott's. I have checked out online at Kent Wang, Howard Yount, No Man Walks Alone, ASW, BB, eHarberdasher, and in store at NM, Saks but found nothing that is similar. Any other pointers? Thanks.
Wool OTC socks in various patterns. Where to kop? Howard Yount & A Suitable Wardrobe's current selections are horrible.
Spotted fake items on ebay? Post them here. Better, let your fellow forumites know why they are not authentic. I will go first. with some Hermes ties. Order from good fake to bad fake. seller: getitnow0_6 brand: hermes (tie) link: comment: Hermes tie never comes with material tag on the big blade (though some non-100%-silk comes with material tag on the small blade). This tie is a really good fake with everything else seems...
Interesting. I am in the States, which online store offers the best price?
How does Carmina compare, in terms of leather quality and workmanship, to C&J benchgrade and C&J handgrade?
Size 50? They should have made a size 36, and 2 pairs of gloves with the remaining leather, then sell to hermes-man for double the price. Stupid Hermes.
But this is not a problem of GMO alone. It applies to everything. For example, we have been eating wild fish since the beginning of humanity, but not until the 1950s we learned that some fish such as tuna has a high level of mercury which is also harmful for children's development. So why does GMO get singled out for side effect that has not been proven/shown? Simply because it's a bit more advanced and people don't understand it very well?
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