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I can confirm the bracelet is genuine, but from a few years back. Usually resale around $70-100 depending on size.
My wife and I were watching that NBC show "this is us" and they played a song in one of the episodes that sounded vaguely familiar. Upon some research I found it was "Blues Run the Game" by Jackson C. Frank. I listened to it a couple times and began to realize that it is a pretty adequate representation of my life thus far. By way of achievements and projection, those who know me would probably say that "The Man" by Aleo Blacc would be a better representation. I've had...
I'm sure this topic has come up before at some point. I need some ideas. My tie collection is now probably close to 200. Have several different racks and systems, but would like to consolidate. Any suggestions? And no, downsizing is not something I'm interested in. I wear ties nearly everyday and I like the variety I've gradually come to.
Any resale value to their stuff?
Anyone know anything about Carroll & Co? Bought a couple nice ties but never heard of the brand.
Ties: 1 Kiton 2 RT Best of Class Left 2 super dusty Charvet
Hi StefanS96, A light blue shirt with black suit can be a fine look if you have a tie that can bring the two together. Try something dark for the tie. Don't limit your shirt and tie combos to just white and blue though. A black suit is neutral so you can do a wide variety of colors and patterns.
Personally I would go with a simple yellow, red, pink, or navy blue. I wouldn't go crazy with patterns unless very subtle. Keep it simple.
Anyone interested in participating again? We've all seen from the past 3 boxes that they can be either great successes or failures. So I am proposing some rules if we are to do this again (Suggestions welcome): All interested participants will post pics of 2 ties, front and back, and other potential participates will decide which one will be included in the initial box contents (at least one other person must say that they accept this said tie). This chosen tie will...
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