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Hi StefanS96, A light blue shirt with black suit can be a fine look if you have a tie that can bring the two together. Try something dark for the tie. Don't limit your shirt and tie combos to just white and blue though. A black suit is neutral so you can do a wide variety of colors and patterns.
Personally I would go with a simple yellow, red, pink, or navy blue. I wouldn't go crazy with patterns unless very subtle. Keep it simple.
Anyone interested in participating again? We've all seen from the past 3 boxes that they can be either great successes or failures. So I am proposing some rules if we are to do this again (Suggestions welcome): All interested participants will post pics of 2 ties, front and back, and other potential participates will decide which one will be included in the initial box contents (at least one other person must say that they accept this said tie). This chosen tie will...
What is LuxeSwapping anyway?
I would be fine with that.
Just a suggestion, but at this point why don't you allow whoever participated in the swap to pick a tie if they want (first come, first serve), pay for their own shipping (probably flat rate tyvec envelopes) and just donate the rest to a thrift shop?
I know it's been a really long time but what ever happened to the contents of this box? Still sitting in someones closet? Goodwill? Slowly incorporated into someones collection? Anyone know?
I know a bunch of us out there love to eat strange combos. So tell us your secret cravings sandwiches here!
I totally agree with this list for removal. I vote to give the guy who wanted the brioni, pending he pays shipping. Also if no one wants it I'll take the green BB346 as a beater tie. The rest I could care less what happens to them, I guess offer them to whoever wants to pay shipping?
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