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Updated sold and added several new items!
Slim-fitting, with relatively narrow shoulders (my best coat measures 17.5"). Thanks!
Updated sold. Added Burberry sweater.
~5 times. It's been sitting in a drawer for the last 6 months, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi What's the fabric of the BR sweater? 100% cotton.
Added new shirts and socks.
I do. I am the quintessential smedium. Except with a just over 34" waist, which makes things even more difficult. Thanks for the good wishes!
Added a few more items.
Added new pairs and updated sold.
All prices are shipped CONUS; Paypal gift or +3%. Incotex High Comfort Incochinos 100% cotton in size 50 (US 34). Sort of a mudd/stone color. Also very slim fitting; amazing buttons. Also made in Romania. Note that these have a slight tear in the left leg near the bottom of the leg (see pictures). Likely this will not be an issue when hemmed, since it's very near the end and these are unhemmed. Price reflects defect. $70. Waist: 16.25" Rise: 9.75" Inseam: 35.25"...
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