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I spent a year in pharmacy school... it was NOT worth the aggravation. Pay is good 120k+ but the profession takes alot out of men psychologically. Enjoy your career path and I think you will excel at whatever you chose to do. I am also 27 and have advanced very fast in my career path because I enjoy it. I am also rewarded decently well financially.
Brooks has many different varieties of fits. However, the selections of the slim types isn't as good. For example I was told they do not make french cuffs on the blue label slim ones.
I would submit that you will ever look or move like James Bond wearing a men's warehouse suit. You could look like a used car salesman, just not James Bond.
Personally I think people still view gold and silver as a currency alternative. They are worried (probably rightly so) that the dollar declines. But lets be real, with 6+ billion people there isn't enough precious metals in the world to be a challenge to the fiat currencies. Also compared the the Euro, Yen and Yuan, the dollar still looks alot better. CAD and AUD be damned because Canada and Auz are just too small. When the dollar does eventually decline the 'value'...
48-50 hours a week then working from home, damn I work too much i need a bleeping raise...
back to the topic, rarely are well run companies only run by individuals with one type of background; for that matter there are a mariad of engineering disciplines that think completely differently. There are sales engineers who are basically sales people who leverage engineering backgrounds to show technical powress and call bullshit on competitors in the eyes of their customers
You never know until you try, you can always act like nothing went wrong when you meet the old colleagues and pretend the split was amicable.
Can't beat Europe for fun... My personal favorite is Flanders
Yes and no ... it's generally people who can navigate multiple worlds who can get ahead. It's a respect game, sales people respect people with people skills and who understand technical skills and vice versa with technical people. Sales can't get anything made without manufacturing and vice versa without the skills to speak both worlds it's hard to get ahead in leadesrship in either.
600 k for a MBA degree? Does that degree come in a gem encrusted format? I firmly believe fake it till you make it, as long as you are smart enough you will always be able to make it. I think getting along with others and not losing your cool. I noticed alot of blue collars tend to handle problems by finding a cause and blaming someone, a manager doesn't care much about who's to blame he/she only wants to know how to fix it and make sure it doesn't happen...
New Posts  All Forums: