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Pm sent Cheers, Scott
I 110% trust whusurdadi - nothing but good experiences. Nice to save a few bucks.
Pm sent
Defining comedy:Fletch. It ticks the followng '80's boxes: a) memorable synthesizer heavy theme song replayed throughout the movie and ends with a sudden, loud drum and synthesizer based song crashing in before the credits; b) deals with sale of drugs, particularly cocaine; c) it's lead actor is a defining '80's icon (Chevy Chase); d) it features a ridiculous police chase where we observe police cars flipping, exploding and crashing into each other; e) the lead...
I have 4 pairs of Mabitex; 3 wool and 1 cotton. I've worn the wool pairs 50+ times combined - no problems whatsoever, fantastic pants. I've worn the cotton pair 3 times; twice I've split them down the side seam picking something up. They fit the same as the other pants; not impressed at all. I think I'm going to adopt your remedy and have my tailor double reinforce the side seams. Twice in three wears!!!
I'm very disappointed I missed that Sulka yachting jacket. If anyone here got it and it doesn't work out, PM me!
Chico, check your inbox. Just waiting for your info for payment. Please let me know if you've changed your mind re: a sale - certainly no hard feelings.
Hugo Boss Tuxedo (Peak lapel, one button, midnight blue, 40R)
Two excellent recent transactions with GTI388 and whusurdadi. Both are A+ sellers and highly recommended.
Bump for a great seller.
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