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So after looking around I decided to take the plunge and order these: I will let you know
Quote: Originally Posted by Oldboy Quoddy Deck Chukkas Thanks very much for the link. I had seen these, but to be honest cant afford the cost! Anyone know anything cheaper?
Hi all, I am trying to find black leather (not suede) mocs that are an ankle height. In essence I am looking for a pair of shoes similar to the LL Bean Signature Range Mocs but in black leather. I have searched high and low to no avail. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated!
Any chance of a size and some better pics of the Backous shirt?
How do the Ben Shermans fit? I normally wear a 10 in most shoes, but a 9 in Clarks, and a few others?
do you have measurments for the tweed blazer? If it is not to much trouble a fit pic would also be great
do you have any fit pics or measurments of the hoodie?
I will take the Clarks, pending pics of the scuff, if you wouldnt mind
Taking Chance and Cinema Paradiso
Any chance on getting measurments on the blue Huge Boss Jacket and the Blue Burberry Jacket?
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