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1 important explanation: A free testing suit is not a free suit. It is a tool for verification of measurements. We sell not expensive custom made garments, but not "cheap cheap" clothing.
4 and half years after... Here is our English version: www.tailored-suit.comPlease, don't ask me what took me so long... Just want to make one thing clear: We don't sell 2 suits for 200 EUR.
Of course, after reception, you can tell people here if you are satisfied, good ou bad,,even some photos, do whatever you want..
Someone want a free suit? oh, I am sorry, 2, one testing suit + one final suit... It's better if you are very tall ou your wear plus size clothes, so that we can prove that it is tailor made, not something already exist... If you are interested, please contact us at tailor1999@gmail.com, give us your height and your weight, we will help you to order and measure.... Only for one person....
Just one more thing, for the moment, you can only see our website by www.surmesurepascher.com , in several days, you can also use www.tailored-suit.com, but not now....
Thanks peter for your translation, although I don't know your ID here.... the English version is online..... Everyone is welcome to criticize, I am sure there are still a lot of work to do... Thanks to your criticism, we will make progress...
We do not make boots. We only make (( tailor made) )suits, shirts, coats and cashmere sweaters.
In fact, 80% of translation has been done, and it was a very kind client who has done this for free. We just need to translate about less than 2000 words.... Pay by money or suit, for us it's the same. ( My English is very poor.... thanks guys....)
We're creating an English version of our site www.surmesurepascher.com, and we need someone to help us in translation ( French ----> Enlish). If you are interested, please contact us by email boncostume@gmail.com . Thanks very much.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Well I would not buy something from somewhere that make their products at sweatshops. I'm not saying the website in your post do sweatshops, as I don't know if they do. I am sorry, try to open your eyes and please don't think as you are still in 70's of 20 century.......
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