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I understand, and thank you for your answer! Here's another picture, you can clearly see that the texture differs, it looks more like a regular suit fabric as you can see. At the left hand side of the picture you'll see what they used to look like, before the nap was worn out.Any advice?
If you look closer you'll see that the texture isn't the same everywhere, the look at the cuffs and compare to the buttocks. You may have to zoom slightly to be able to see it.
I understand, the fabric is super 100s, which isn't the lightest flannel that I've came across so I'm surprised really. Also I've only had them for about 4 months, it's weird, maybe I should contact the store where I got them. What can I do to prevent this in the future? And is there something that I can do now?
So I guess my trousers are screwed then, but what can be done to prevent this? My trousers are super 100s, that's not super light if you ask me.. I will contact the store that I bought the trousers from, it's not acceptable that they look like this after 3-4 months.I snapped a picture, compare the lower part to the upper part and you'll see what I mean.
Can you please tell me more what they do, specifically? If you've had the same issue I'd like to know what can be done.Well, English is not my first language and my vocabulary is sometimes limited. It seems odd, since flannel is supposed to be among the more durable wool types, they aren't worn out in any way. I've worn them perhaps 20 times in total, it must be a result of sitting too much, or am I wrong?Anyone who can tell me what to do more specifically?
Yes I mean the nap, it's weird because I use them like once every week so I haven't used them that much. Is there anything else that you can do? I cannot imagine that this is what you have to expect when using flannel trousers. Thanks for the answer as well!
I bought a pair of high quality incotex flannel trousers a few months ago and now the fabric has lost its ruggedness at certain places(the buttocks, the rear leg etc), what may be the reason for this? I haven't used them that much, is there anything I can do to make them rugged again? Now they don't even look like flannel trousers at certain spots.. Thank you in advance, I trust styleforum to help me.
Might be one piece, though I'm looking for the upper part of you understand. The pattern and the colors =)
Hello, First of all, my English isn't that great but I'll try to explain as good as I can. Anywho, I'm looking for a classic tank top that is red/white striped, imagine a day on the beach in the early to mid 20th century and you'll know what I mean. An example of what I'm looking for: Any help is appriciated, thank you!
Hello, first of all I'd like to say that my English isn't very great so try to bare with me! Well, I'm looking for a mega-classical trench/mac raincoat that is simple and most of all affordable. I'm looking for something like this: I would order from that website but the problem is that they do not ship to Europe and therefore I can't, so I wonder if you know any website that do ship to Europe that has a similar...
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