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I realize this is sort of odd and going out on a limb, but I'm looking for this shirt: But in size XS. They had it, but then it sold out right before I was about to purchase it. Really want this shirt. If anyone could help me out either by finding one in their store or if they happen to have one that doesn't fit or something, that would be amazing. Thanks.
Payment sent!
I'm looking for a pair of size 25 APC Cure jeans. Cure, not New Cure. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula how slim is the leg? Not sure how accurate my measuring technique is, but the upper thigh (at the crotch) measures about 10 inches. Leg opening is about 7.25 inches. On me they fit like a nice slim fit through the leg, not by any means skinny. Of course, I'm a pretty skinny guy and the waist doesn't actually fit me, so I imagine they would be pretty tight on most people for whom they fit properly.
I ordered a pair of the Elevated low rise skinny jeans in 28x28. The waist measures 30, or a bit larger so I'll be returning them. The length is good though and they seemed pretty nice to me, though I have no experience with high(er)-end denim. I really like the fit through the leg and length, but due to the large waist, I have to return them. I find it strange that, of the current Gap selvage jeans, the skinny ones are "dry clean only" while the others aren't. Oh, also,...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini No. Thank you for the prompt, concise answer. I guess I'll end up getting some APCs if I can ever muster up the ability to stomach the price.
Hello everyone! I recently ordered a pair of these Gap selvage jeans during a sale in size 28x28. Once I received them I found, much to my dismay, that while the length and leg fit is perfect, the waist is way to big. I mean, they don't fall down because of how rigid they are, but I can pull them down quite easily. Measuring them, they are actually about 30 inches. I'm probably going to just return them, but before I do I just wanted ask if there was any possibility...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked If you're between a 7.5 and 8 in dress shoes (AE, Alden etc.), then we are about the same size and these will work. If you take 7.5-8 in sneakers like Adidas or Puma then they'd be a touch too long. In any case, boots are more forgiving than shoes when it comes to sizing. Measurements on the outsole: 11.5" x 4". Damn, I guess I'm going to have to pass for now then. Thanks for your help though.
What sort of an 8 are these, if you don't mind me asking? I'm somewhere between a 7.5 and an 8 with a standard width. Thanks!
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