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Two bottles of Ron Zacapa XO for $111 total
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Just to tie this whole thread back to Style, how is this argument different from the clothing argument, highly regarded and held dear here, that the likes of Kiton are "BEST"? It's not, and I think it's safe to say that pretty much any argument of "X is the best because it's the most expensive" is a fundamental failure in logic.
People who argue that a fillet is the best cut of beef. I counter that, no, the ribeye is superior as it has much more flavor and is just as tender. They come back with, the ribeye is just a bunch of fat, so you're wasting a lot of money on fat. Yes the ribeye is marbled, the fat is where the flavor is. Well, the fillet must be the best cut, because it's the most expensive. Logic fail After the argument we get to lunch at a seafood place and the guy orders a...
Guard your asshole, she's going to try to turn you into a mule.
I used the same for bolognese today. It's been on the stove for about four hours now, time to eat.
Quote: Originally Posted by hangten After trying for a good year, I really don't like the taste of bourbon. So I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in picking up my bunkered stash for a good price. I've got the following unopened: ER17 2008 2 x GTS 2009 WLW 2009 PVW15 PVW20 and one scotch Oban distiller's edition PM if interested before these go on ebay as "collectible" bottles . That's an expensive "try"
What types of fish are best for doing en papillote? I've been throwing carrots, celery, onion or shallot, lemon slices, fresh dill, sometimes asparagus, and white wine in with fish that has been seasoned. Any variations I should add to the list?
Quote: Originally Posted by airblaster503 I will never buy bourbon, I absolutely can"t stand the stuff, but if offered for free I will oblige. Great post, will read again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Strombollii I'm an English major. I can't afford to drink more than Friday/Saturday/maybe Thursday. I was partying hard for a bit, but it started to devastate my GPA, as well as, shockingly, my social life. Sorry, I just absolutely hate how everyone perceives the hard sciences to be more difficult and time consuming than the humanities. English at UNC-Wilmington, pffft, come on, it's a state school.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Wait until you're at a really nice dinner, looking over the wine list with one or more of these guys. It can get straight up embarrassing. I'll gladly take the embarrassment if they're paying.
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