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Anyone heard anything about the 2010 release of the Antique Collection or did I miss something?
Does anyone know a gourmet grocery store in Oahu? I know where Williams-Sonoma (not really a grocery store, but has some stuff) and Whole Foods are, but I'm looking for somewhere that might have foie, Iberico, etc. I'm in Hawaii for the next nine months and need to find a good gourmet store. Also, any suggestions on where to go for scuba certification? Any of the following near the Ala Moana Mall area? Barbershops or salons too? Tailor?
Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Quote: Originally Posted by brooksbrother Ride the MARTA to College Park. I take MARTA to and from the airport, grow a pair.
Go climb some mountains. Summiting is very rewarding and it doesn't cost much if you're in the right area.
I dislike clubs, but MJQ is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. Nothing like seeing a dance off to make your night complete.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Thank you very much Ed, that's exactly what I was looking for. I was just looking for a general idea of things to do. Yea it's with a big 4 and the per diem is like $56/ day which isnt bad I guess. Being from New York it sounds like peanuts but I assume it will go much farther in Atlanta. I figured as much as Deloitte, the radio station, and Uncle Ernie are all downtown. I think our interns...
That's downtown and you won't want to spend any evenings there. I work about five blocks from Peachtree Center, and there is jack shit to do downtown. You didn't say what you're interested in doing. Bars, clubs, dinner? If dinner, what kind of food and what's the per diem? Big 4? Edit: To add to the above, if you go to the Highlands, Fritti is great for dinner (isn't that more the Inman Park area?), but the main life in the highlands starts around Ponce and...
19 and 2 visas
Where in Atlanta will you be? If downtown, get out as soon as possible.
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